Available CRAN Packages By Name

Available CRAN Packages By Name
Bandwidth selection and estimation of related functions. Please reference your plan materials to determine how long your benefits may continue. Benefits may be paid following an elimination or waiting period and may continue to the maximum length of time specified by the plan; for example, until the employee reaches a certain age. Work with Hyperspectral Data, i. Morbi orci magna, tincidunt vitae molestie nec, molestie at mi. Impute fill-in missing network links. Hierarchical Independent Component Analysis:

The Fortune 100 and their Fitness and Wellness Programs

Really inspired by reading it. My organization has a bowling arena. And everyone knows that bowling has many Health Benefits. In addition to securing your […]. Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee.

Top 10 Healthy Birthday Activities. Top 10 Tips To Improve Posture. Top 10 Unhealthy Fashion Trends. Burning Calories at Home! Spring Cleaning IS a Workout…. Top 10 Health Benefits of Collagen. Calculate AUC-type measure when gold standard is continuous and the corresponding optimal linear combination of variables with respect to it.

Plot and add custom coloring to Venn diagrams for 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional data. Extract and plot common trends from a cointegration system.

Calculate P-value for Johansen Statistics. An R package to perform LPUE standardization and stock assessment of the English Channel cuttlefish stock using a two-stage biomass model. Deconvolution density estimation with adaptive methods for a variable prone to measurement error. An application programming interface for generating null models of social contacts based on individuals' space use. Combine multiple-relationship networks into a single weighted network.

Impute fill-in missing network links. E , TU Wien. Efficient calculation of fine structure isotope patterns via Fourier transforms of simplex-based elemental models. Data Sets, Functions and Examples from the Book: Tools for analyzing eQTL experiments: A complementary to Karl Broman's 'qtl' package for genome-wide analysis.

Bayesian Sparse Factor Analysis model for the inference of pathways responsive to drug treatment. Hierarchical Independent Component Analysis: Measuring functional diversity FD from multiple traits, and other tools for functional ecology. Classifies implicit trading activity from market quotes and computes the probability of informed trading. Data Sets from "Forecasting: Catalogues of resolution IV run 2-level fractional factorials up to 33 factors that do have 5-letter words.

Quantification of the effect of geographic versus environmental isolation on genetic differentiation. A visual, intuitive, easy to use software giving access to a new type of information buried into your microarray data. Interval estimation for the parameters of linear models with heteroskedasticity Wild Bootstrap.