Is Beachbody’s Shakeology a Scam?

What is Shakeology?

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How does Shakeology work? The people who benefit from this early pricing are the people who are already in and already making good money… the people in the diamond ranks. This option is great if you want to stream several Beachbody workouts with Beachbody on Demand. I rank advanced quickly and I was being celebrated as a great leader. BB banned my account for questioning their pricing on Shakeology on forums. This is insane because it includes your monthly Coach fees as well. I can imagine why there is a push for distributors to discuss deeply private personal details.

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Shakeology FAQ

When you flood your system with such rich and high quality, vitamins and minerals your body had to get used to it. I would never ever recommend anyone get connected in any way with this MLM scheme! In after having my 2nd child I was lbs. No big deal, I just needed to lose 30lbs to get to my pre-baby weight. But then my weight loss stalled, I got discouraged and quit the diet. I ended up gaining the weight back plus more. I tried the Atkins diet, once again saw results then stall again for weeks!

I felt tired and shaky…I quit again and gained the weight back plus more again. I had to use so much fruit and veggies to make a small cup of juice and all the good fiber was extracted and thrown in the garbage.

I ended up deciding that juicing was too big of an expense. I was up late one night and saw an infomercial for Slim in 6 and I said well…what the hell do I have to lose at this point? When it arrived I tried out the workouts, some days I would only get through 5 minutes and sit and watch the rest…I modified…rested…and failed…but the difference???

The community I became part of…the Beachbody Community. I pushed through and lost weight week after week…until I stalled…and stopped losing weight…was I doomed to be lbs for the rest of my life!?!? Then after the 2nd week, things started changing. And then I stepped on the scale…I was finally losing weight again!

Next thing I knew after a year after ordering Slim in 6 I was lbs! Then my life went upside down. I ended up getting a divorce my husband was insanely abusive and things got to the point I feared for my life. I was a single mother of 2 children with no job and my ex husband quit his job and abandoned us. I had to cancel my shakeology…I was pretty devastated…a couple months later my hair started breaking off again…my face started breaking out.

I turned to coffee as it was cheap…but it was short term energy. I was able to maintain my weight but it was a constant struggle. Eventually I re-married and 18 months ago we welcomed our baby into this world. Unfortunately with being pregnant came the weight gain. I found myself at lbs after having our baby. I quit my job so I could nurse him and be there for him. Unfortunately with nursing I was hangry all the time and I ate and ate and within a year after having my son I was lbs!!!

I knew I had to do something before I lost control again and got to lbs again. Since I quit my job I knew Shakeology was out of the question so I googled for shakes that were similar but cheaper. So I bought another tub of Vega One…sure it had less vitamins, antioxidants than shakeology but it had lots of protein and fiber…it just had to work…. I have so much energy now. My skin has completely cleared up…my hair is healthy and shiny again.

I have regular bowl movements again. They are going to drink shakeology, workout to beachbody on demand and they are going to get healthy!

I tried to find a Shakeology Slim product and only saw comparisons with SlimFast. I think I mentioned in the article that there are lot of community things such as SparkPeople.

If you want to save lives, why not become a certified trainer. Not a word of it is verifiable and there is no plausible reason to think that Snakeology was responsible for even an ounce of weight loss which instead can be attributed solely to a combination of increased exercise and decreased caloric intake.

Especially when that advice is to overpay for moronic pyramid scheme shakes. If anything it seems to have blunted your ability to to distinguish a scam from a legitimate business. Relying on shakes to maintain weight loss is idiotic. It is unhealthy and unsustainable. Learning to eat a proper well balanced diet of nutritious whole foods, along with regular exercise, is the way to go. Drinking synthetic garbage out of a bag or a can is for rubes and desperadoes.

And MLM is the bailiwick of fools. I think a precursor to P90X? You know, I think the ingredients in Shakeology are decent and some of the flavors taste pretty good. I like smoothies, and have them for breakfast a few times a week. So I have no problem forking out money for protein powder. And that is what makes it overpriced.

You become a coach. No need to buy shakeo. Why on earth would anyone want to be a part of that? I have access to all of the programs that they have ever released, and really enjoy them — yoga, pilates, day fix, P90X.

A lot of variety, and having it at home or on vacation really works with my lifestyle. FT working mom with kids. You can find similar workouts online for free, sure — but typically they come with ads, not all of them are high quality. I compare it to gym memberships which I have , personal trainers which I also have , and other online exercise streaming services. You seem to have a bone to pick, which is causing you to be not exactly objective. I started drinking it, and did for a year right when I had a very young toddler.

I was sick constantly for the year prior. It was pretty glorious. I try to be objective and all… I went through all the pros and cons when I chose the YMCA, for example, because I wanted a pool and the benefits of the pool, childcare, discounted summer camps, swim lessons, and family swim times outweighed the cost concerns. My experience with BB workouts goes back to P90X, which I got for Christmas one year when my husband was traveling a lot and I had a small child. I like the ones that I have now.

But mainly I have acquaintances who were into BB and wine delivery services. So you could sell one person a different program every year. I figure it has to peter out at some point, and will be mostly a streaming service for exercise videos. I know several coaches who earn free vacations from BB. So for fun, I googled a bit and looked at what it took to earn that. It was something on the order of getting 2 new customers every month for a full year.

I kind of remember seeing photos from someone I know on FB. In order to get plane tix for them and their family x4, they had to fly in earlier and later than when the cruise left, and then had to pay for a hotel for a few nights here and there. I compare it to gym memberships which I have , personal trainers which I also have , and other online exercise streaming services….

But more important is the ethical aspect, which you seem to be glossing over. The only areas in which we seem to disagree are the value of the videos relative to alternatives, and the ethical responsibility to not support companies that act as shells for pyramid schemes involving products of dubious value.

You have made the same claim twice now — i. In the second telling of the story you added the embellishment about having been constantly sick the year prior.

So are you know going to pull a and argue that it was not your intention to make such a suggestion? Do you in fact believe what commonsense would dictate; i.

I certainly hope so. Someone would have to be quite a rube to think that these shakes prevent illness in any way, shape, or form.

I like them, they are high quality workouts. I started with DVDs on the other workouts, and they are working for me. WHY would I even want a streaming service when I already have a gym membership and a trainer? Well, first off, I have a full time job and kids — I mentioned that right? So, I get two mornings a week to work out, plus 1 or 2 weekend days. You know, because the husband and I take turns, because CPS frowns on leaving your young kids home alone.

This means if I want to work out every day, and I do, that I need to be able to do it in my house. That training group is 3x a week. Those are my 3 days a week to work out outside of the home. On the remaining days, I work out at home at 5: And I probably have a dusty old Tae Bo video too. I like the workouts so I use them. If anyone asks my opinion of the company and the workouts, I tell them. I like the workouts, they are great.

Before I had kids I never worked out at home. My kids are big enough vectors for that. Working full time with young children and infants really really sucks. With kid 1, I was sick for 5 straight months when he was a baby. From November 1 to March 31, I was healthy for a total of about 30 days. But then it grew in size. So the second year, when there were 3 more kids in the daycare, it was brutal.

He brought home everything. I was sick a LOT, but at least not for 5 straight months. That was the year I got bronchitis and was sick, down and out for a full month. For a full year! It may have been a complete coincidence.

Who knows, who cares. For me, it was worth giving it a try. I liked how I felt, and I continued on it for a full year. I get a good value from the workouts, considering a full half of the workouts that I do in a year have to be done at home. For your edification, and to hopefully put an end to your protests, here is the Oxford definition:.

Is that clear now? As to who cares, I do. There is no justification for wanting to be part of this particular community of scam artists and simpletons. So it IS considered a meal replacement. The ingredients cause a lot of gastric issues, including bloating and flatulence.

Typically if your body has a reaction like that too food or pseudo-food, it is telling you NOT to eat it. There are better meal replacements out there. But instead of a meal replacement how about eating clean, wholesome food and more plant based food??? THAT is a hell of a lot less expensive than Shakeology. Hair falls out because of rapid weight loss, stress, surgery, medication, childbirth and much more.

Not because you drink Shakeology and then stop. Go ahead, become a coach! I did for 7. What a mistake, in general. I did get in the best shape of my life and I am paying for it with osteoarthritis And borderline osteoporosis. And I was already in good shape.

The workouts can be dangerous to your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. There are plenty of things on the market to drink as a meal replacement. BUT Meal replacement shakes are not real, whole food. The weight you took off will come back, I promise you. You will get tired, sore, bored, busy and stop following TBB. You have had success and you attribute it to TBB. Give yourself more credit!

But I can see a brainwash a mile away. There are many workout programs that work on this exact model that are a lot healthier and a lot less expensive. They do what they are told by the company to stay a part of this nearly billion dollar MLM.

And owner Carl Daikeler will say anything to get you on board. You will disappear at the Coach Summit, you will be ignored at the Saturday events, you will need to spend A fortune to get on one of their success cruises. You will alienate friends and family.

Become a REAL personal trainer, coach or fitness professional instead. Start your own health and fitness business. It will cost you a lot less. Use what you have learned and experienced to help others with instead of making TBB rich. Everything you said is the truth. But not before they go thru ur friend list and try to scam them. I gained my weight bk and then some. Ii have mamy medical issues now as well that I did not have before BB. Thos is a horrible company and they do NOT care about you or your health.

Ronnie and Katie, your words ring true to me. MLM is the pits; so are overpriced snakeoil meal replacement shakes.

So thrilled to see people not falling for these MLM scams. Or listening to those who did and got out! I fell victim because I was very vulnerable when they started pursuing me. We all need to speak out about companies like this. We need more people like you and Ethan Vanderbilt who are willing to go out on a limb. These companies are dangerous to our emotional and physical health and our wallet. The chocolate flavor is my favorite. No one is hounding us to buy the product, I was never contacted by a coach either.

I found it and made the decision to try it all by myself. We buy it because it tastes great and can easily be a meal replacement. Add more calories to it, duh. You talk like the only way to make it is with plain water and nothing else. Mixing a smoothie with those cheaper ingredients is more of a hassle than scooping powder into a blender. It takes me less than 30 seconds. As I pointed out in the article the interviewer and interviewee both seem to agree that it tastes horrible.

The interviewee even makes significant money selling the stuff. Of course you can add more stuff to it, but that means spending more money. If you listened to the interview that I quoted it was mentioned that people add stuff to it.

Heck, I wish I was making money like some of those coaches! They are kicking ass and helping people not die of obesity. Second, MLM harms consumers as illustrated by this fable. No one really cares about my particular taste buds anyway. I have read some of your other posts about different MLM companies. Think about how many people you have scared away from these businesses.

So you are an unbiased person who just simply likes the taste of Shakeology. However, you not only read all of this article and the related hundreds of comments on the product that you like… but you also went and read my OTHER articles on MLM companies. What about Peter Vander Nat. Your arguments sound like they come from the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Why do I find this hard to believe? Shakeology is one of the hardest products to find, if you are looking for a meal replacement shake, and usually when someone tries so hard to deny they were influenced by a MLMer, they usually were.

You either found it because of a MLM friend, or through the workout discs because they have commercials after every workout for the stuff. Or, you could take out the Shakeology and just use the other ingredients? Also, I agree with LM, if you are into making smoothies, it is probably going to take you the same time as making a shake and it is not a hassle. How hard is it to get some frozen berries and juice at the store while you are shopping for your other groceries? That point is terrible.

Where is the logic with this statement? So, you know the terminology they use for the MLM reps, you are taking the hardest to find and most expensive shakes, and you are jealous of their success. Sounds like we have a brand new MLMer on our hands that is disgruntled because a prospect found this website. There is no scientific evidence to prove this is true, and in fact most clinical findings have argued the exact opposite effect.

People have short-term success, they plateau, they give up, and then they gain more weight than when they started. This has been transposed to fit every MLMers needs to justify why they are somehow different or better than the rest.

MLMers love to misuse the term bias, because it sounds so much better than calling the reviewer a jerk for not liking the product, service, or company. Why would that matter, and would that change your comment if LM liked the shakes, but still wrote that MLM is wrong and the company is bad? Of course not, this is just a stupid distraction technique to digress from the premise of the article, which is, MLM is not a viable business opportunity.

Oh, and how presumptuous to assume that anti-MLM bloggers sit around and get joy from this. LM has paid heavy prices for writing these articles and has done a great service for consumers.

Who are you kidding? You are clearly a MLM shill. Adoring you right now. Jessica is spouting the rhetoric of a coach. This is how they try to convince people how good TBB is. When actually they are actively recruiting coaches. I am so glad I got out of the clutches of TBB.

She is either a BB coach or customer. And these so called successful coaches are full of shit. And Geoff ur correct I lost a lot of weight and inches in 90days then plateaued got angry stopped and gained everything bk n then some. Beachbody sells itself very well with the workouts. They use social media like the bible sorry Jesus and advertising is very big on the TV. Of course it is. Go to a car dealership or my favorite place is the mall where all those center aisle sales people try to grab you….

You might be better off going to a casino to gamble the money and see if you can take home more than you can lose. I promise you, everyone who is a coach understands what they are getting into and that it is an MLM, as Beachbody is extremely forthcoming. This article is a few years old now. Policies may have changed since the article was written. The Club membership fee is listed on what I believe is the official BeachBody website: I believe and intended to say that coaches may purchase product as part of a requirement to qualify for compensation payments, which the FTC seems to say should not happen.

Again, if you can supply the exact quote, it would be easier for me to fix. Discount coaches are discussed in extensive length in the previous comments. It is my understanding that MLM companies are encouraged by the FTC to separate coaches who are involved for the business opportunity and preferred customers who are looking for a discount on products.

This FTC document covers that in better detail. The reason I wrote this article was in response to a top distributor who was using Facebook ads to recruit a downline. Hopefully, those FTC citations are reliable enough sources for you.

Also we were told to go thru our friends friend list and and sell to them. The whole thing is a pyramid. Yes the shakes taste good but only if u add almond milk a fruit and ice in a blender.

Just using water and shaking it in the cup is gross. Idk one BB coach that drinks it wo adding to it and blending. The only thing good about bb is the workouts. Almond milk with a fruit and ice in a blender tastes good without the need to add anything to it.

Reminds me of those old cereal commercials: These products are antithetical to health. Said like a truly indoctrinated TBB coach. TBB drilled home how Many contacts to make a day. Coaches are seduced and then duped with pseudo health propaganda. Vogel I was only saying that in response to schmucks comment that everything lazy man n others said about shako is a lie LOL. Shuck said the shakes tasre great w nothing but water, that is the lie.

And everything schuck said is an actual lie. BB is a huge scam and if u have thyroid problems this so called super shake is actually bad for you bc of all the carbs in it. I was a sucker and fell for the bb scam.

I was on Shakeo for over a year while I was involved with a coach. But it was much better with a banana, some peanut butter and milk. I soon realized that I lost weight because I was being more active and I felt better because I was actually intaking something in the mornings instead of skipping breakfast as I normally did.

And I realized I could replace the Shakeo smoothie with something very similar for far less money and not have to deal with the sales pressure and pseudo-Religious carnival atmosphere of the meetings.

What do people expect, honestly?! It makes me laugh a little. It separates, is gritty and undrinkable. I drink it just with water — no add-ins.

Shakeology is sooo expensive, but its the only shake I can stomach the vegan versions. To each their own on the flavor, I guess. My hair and nails grow no matter what I do. It appears that there are 1 million vegan people in the US.

So then we are left looking at what percentage of the , really would want Shakeology. So what percentage of those people are going to want to overpay vs. Vega One or other examples in this article? Actually that one million number cited above is a little old. I drank the shakes most days, I liked the taste, I think it helped keep weight off, felt pretty good after drinking them.

So Yay for regularity. I think the workouts are good, On-Demand is a decent deal. And I would buy Shakeo in a store at half the price in a heartbeat. Bruce do you have any idea if the ingredients are for real?

All these amazing super foods from around the world? Man I wish I got them for free lol…. I was a coach for a few yrs n realized it was a scam. Yes, the ingredients are all real, many of them sourced from South America, and are very expensive to source and mass produce.

Keeping up with the demand has been challenging. I think there is complete info on the the ingredients but not their origin on the website. And that there are over 60 ingredients? No wonder people are regular. Nothing justifies the exorbitant price tag — even the organic Madagascar Vanilla — that they claimed they could only use because they would not put anything non-organic or natural in their shakes.

Actually true, believe it or not. There are also some probiotic ingredients which account for some people having GI reactions — I knew a couple of people that wanted to use it but it was not compatible with their digestive systems.

It IS an expensive product to produce. Whether or not you feel its worth it is up to you. There more information here: Experts say superfoods may be a super scam. Whether or not that justifies the price is another question…. Another hype and money maker. I would love to see TBB put out of business. A lot of the plyometric exercise and high weights are dangerous and can cause more harm than good.

There is so much wrong with what they purport to be healthy, it is astonishing. Although HIIT does work, it also can be dangerous. You have desperate overweight people, single mothers, aging people, who will try just about anything to look better. Clean eating and sensible exercise is the only way to lose the weight, keep it off and not injure yourself.

Yes, it is all marketing — BB is at its core a marketing company. I do think the workouts, if followed, do work, no question — I have seen the results in my former co-workers first hand.

But they are not for everyone. What BB has been successful at is figuring out how to keep people motivated and on track, and making that part of their business model. I agree with RonnieB: People here are looking for a quick fix, a magic solution.

How does the rest of the industrialized world do it? I was in Tokyo a few years ago, and walking around I did not see a single gym. I also saw maybe a couple of people that could be considered obese, a handful more that were overweight, and absolutely no one who would be considered morbidly obese. Everyone else looked pretty trim and healthy, no matter their age.

They claim the reason it is so high is that they source the ingredients from around the world. And I quote from the Shakeology. Or so they say. Either way, it is a lose, lose situation.

The workouts DO work. I was in the best shape of my life. But it took so much hard work on MY part. I had to be motivated and I think there are many programs I could have accomplished this with. And shakes and diets and recipes. The thing is that programs like Insanity are SO hard on your joints and even yoga — which they push with a vengeance — when it became popular as a miracle workout, is VERY hard on the joints. Trust me, anyone who was my age when I started — 49 — now is probably suffering physically and monetarily after buying all the workouts and doing them.

Here it is from the website. Again there is a lot of pseudo-science in this:. Muscles, bones, skin, internal organs—and much more—are all made of amino acids.

This blend is formulated with a variety of quality protein sources. Free radicals are generated by oxidation reactions. Unfortunately, a number of 21st century issues, including lousy diet and stress, can promote free radicals, causing an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidant levels. Consuming antioxidants helps bring balance back, therefore helping to fight free radical damage and helping support a healthy immune system.

Vitamins A, C, and E are known antioxidants. Also, key superfoods in Shakeology have been specifically selected for their antioxidant properties. Phytonutrients are substances distinct to plants that also happen to benefit the animals that eat them including us. While we still recommend you eat your veggies, this Shakeology blend will give you a phytonutrient leg up. Adaptogens are just what they sound like: Your intestines are loaded with bacteria—and much of it is hugely beneficial in a number of ways, including helping properly break down food and creating important nutrients like short-chain fatty acids.

Probiotics such as Bacillus coagulans are digestible forms of these beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics, including yacon root and chicory root, act as food for these important little critters. Consuming a combination of the two can help support the biome in your belly, therefore supporting a healthy digestive system.

Enzymes are catalysts that facilitate chemical reactions. Digestive enzymes, in particular, break down the food you eat, therefore helping with nutrient absorption.

Amylase, for example, breaks down carbohydrates. Lactase breaks down dairy. This was so in depth. I found it by trying to look up the shakeology ingredients. I once used a sample size of shakeology. I seriously hate when people who are into fitness are so into shakes.

But seriously, why does anyone think a meal replacement shake is a good idea for the long term? Shakeology can be purchased by the bag or in individual packets. Each bag of Shakeology contains 30 servings a 30 day supply if one shake a day is consumed in place of a meal , while a box of single serving packets contains 24 servings. Is it okay to drink Shakeology with the Results and Recovery Formula drink? Yes, consuming both Shakeology and the Recovery Drink are perfectly fine as long as they are taken at different times of the day.

The Recovery Formula drink should be taken immediately post-workout, while Shakeology can be consumed at any time during the day in place of a normal meal or as a healthy snack. Is it safe to drink more than one Shakeology shake a day? Does Shakeology interfere with medication?

While Shakeology has been tested as safe for most individuals, you should consult with your doctor if you are on any medication. This is especially a good idea if you are on heart medications, as Shakeology contains Vitamin K1. Is it safe to drink Shakeology while one is pregnant? If you are pregnant, we advise you to consult with your doctor prior to drinking Shakeology. Why does the chocolate Shakeology flavor have more protein than Greenberry?

Due to the fact that the chocolate flavor has additional ingredients, the serving size is slightly larger 8 grams and it contains an additional 2 grams of protein. Is Shakeology high in fiber? Most Americans eat a steady stream of processed foods that are high in fat and sugar, and the challenge of eating a healthy diet is more difficult than ever.

Shakeology offers a solution to that problem, one that is both convenient and affordable. Many of the nutrition supplements being peddled today make huge claims and do very little if anything when it comes to providing real benefits to the customer. Fortunately, Beachbody is a company that takes great pride in their reputation and only produces the very best when it comes to health and fitness products.

When Beachbody began to formulate what would become Shakeology, each ingredient added to the mix was chosen for a very specific reason and sourced from the highest-quality providers available today. Unlike other meal replacements, Shakeology ingredients are derived from whole food sources — you never have to worry about consuming exotic synthetic extracts or isolates when you drink a Shakeology shake.

Shakeology users have reported a wide range of health benefits, ranging from increased energy to lower cholesterol. A 24 GI rating is extremely low which is a very good thing , and yet another confirmation of just how healthy this product really is. Eating a diet that is primarily made up of low-GI foods is a great way to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Drinking a Shakeology shake immediately after your P90X workout is a great way to refuel the body and feed your muscles for fast recovery.

Shakeology is currently available in 2 flavors, greenberry and chocolate.

Shakeology Meal Replacement