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Herbalife: A Pyramid Scheme Disguised as a Business Opportunity
A lot of distributors end up selling the opportunity rather than the products because it is more profitable. We are not saying that the people who promote Herbalife as a path to financial freedom are intentionally trying to mislead you, but the data shows that people are not making money in Herbalife. As we have seen from their own numbers, only a very small number of members will make a significant income. Productive enviroment and we had a ping pong table in the Lunch Room. How is Herbalife Promoted to New Members If you attend a presentation, as I did, Herbalife distributors will tell you that they are offering you an opportunity for financial freedom. After 3 years this post remain top ranking on Google. I would help set them up in diet programs.

How is Herbalife Promoted to New Members

Herbalife Employee Reviews

If you have a specific product you would like to ask us about, you can write us through our chat or email us at support hlfonline. Each tub lasts at least 21 meals, depending on how you make it. If you divide up the price of the package with the amount of meals you are getting, you will see that it is probably much less than what you are spending now.

One more thing to consider when thinking about the cost of Herbalife products is the personal value that we get from them. How much is our health and well being worth to us? How much would be willing to give to look the way we want to look, to wear the clothes we want to wear, to feel good about ourselves? We make conscious and unconscious decisions every day regarding the way we live. Healthy living is not as expensive as many of us consider it to be, all that is needed are some slightly different habits.

These habits, once we acquire them, are there with us forever. By the time that Pizza or curry you ordered arrives at your house, you could already have made a healthy salad and gone for a walk around your neighbourhood.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Herbalife products, and the great successes of its clients is because the meals are simple to make and always at hand. Herbalife is something that can be done around a full time job. It's a great way to bring in supplemental income.

The opportunity is literally for everyone. Was this review helpful? Not the worst place to work. The company was certainly making the effort to make the work culture and work-life balance better, but as I was leaving the company, there was still a ways to go. My manager is awesome, the rest of the department is inefficient and disorganized.

People are nice but working in that type of environment is not for me. No room for advancement. Few incentives to grow. Poor infrastructure and slow to change. So basically it is not horrible but it is not a career move. Be mindful and aware and constant legal issues. Management unless you get lucky, no growth, no cross functional communication. Fun, simple and magical. Fun, simple and magical, great place to work, I need to leave the company because the cost of leaving in Los Angeles is expensive and I cannot afford it, I'm the only one working and it is kind of hard to solved all the monthly expenses.

Herbalife is an amazing company to work for. They really do take care of their employees with compensations and yearly awards. Very family oriented and driven. Fast paced company to work for. Great company to work for, very fast pace a very high volume of product being manufactured, a company whose products are aimed at improving peoples lives. It is an amazing jobs with amazing people to coach you all the way. It is an easy job to work at, you have your speed rate at which you can do things.

Great place to work. Great place to work This company helped me develop skills and had a nurturing and friendly environment.

My manager did an awesome job during my internship to help me increase my skills. A place where you can learn to personally develope yourself and help people. Where you can become your best self if you choose it. Best decision I ever made. Herbalife is a platform for the acerage person to live and extraordinary life. To become more than you are and earn what you are worth.

A place to make friends and learn new skills. A place to advance in life and be yourself while creating a business. Herbalife is a network marketting company and gives you the opportunity to build your own business with their platform. Promotions and bonuses are not fairly distributed to the achievers, but to the "managers" that take credit for your work.

Don't count on any type of real career advancement, training or skill acquisition. It's a lot of lip service, empty promises. Product available in the pantry, onsite gym, great cafe, flexible time, work from home days.

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