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One is probably A- and one is probably going to win an Oscar this year. Click for Charmed Fakes. And when your nation starts to fall, well Frenchie, you can spare us, just call the Germans for a hand, they know the way to Paris. What color is the American flag? Donny was dating a girl named Tammy and his brother a girl named Debbie in Donny and Deborah have five sons. Apparently, the person who quit rather than being fired in this situation, has two best friends who are both actors you know.

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100 Greatest Women: 2008 Edition

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Sunday, September 16, Blind Item 3. Saturday, September 15, Blind Items Revealed 8. Blind Items Revealed 7. Blind Items Revealed 6. Blind Items Revealed 5. Popular Posts from the last 30 days Blind Items Revealed 5. August 13, At least two actresses have spoken to news outlets and said they were told to pretend to act like tweens when they had se August 10, I don't understand people sometimes.

Well, a lot of the time, but especially in this case. You have this former A lis August 29, The number one lesson in Hollywood is to never walk away from a hit show. I have said this from almost day one of the sit June 10, I love that this former tweener singer turned A- list adult singer went old school with her excuse. Blind Items Revealed 8. Marie Osmond is only human and just like everyone else she has had highs and lows in her lifetime. She did not get to experience a normal childhood or dating life like many of her peers but she has said that she is at peace with herself.

Marie is able to see the truth and now that no one can have it all. Part of being famous is having famous friends. This was the case for the Osmonds as Donny had a close friendship with the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Osmond said that he recalls fond memories of the time he spent with Michael. One of those memories was at an award show when Donny was Many celebrities make various demands and Marie is no different. Some celebrities might request a certain food on set or a separate dressing room. When Marie does shows or interviews, she makes sure to tell producers and lighting directors that she wants to be lit in an angle that shows her good side.

This request is actually pretty understable and we bet Marie asks nicely. As we mentioned before, Jimmy had a very successful hit in the U. However, this is not the case and Jimmy claimed that he never saw a dime from his famous song. Compared to what recording artists make today, this is very surprising. They earned the money through many different ways including television appearances, movies, and live concerts and performances. While they may have not made much from their album sales, we would not worry too much as it seems the family is doing just fine in terms of finances.

While we hope Marie is not a diva, she did ask for a bigger dressing room for her show in the Flamingo hotel. However she had a good reason. Marie wanted a larger room so that more kids could fit.

Since she spent so much time there as it is her job and she wanted a place where her family could visit including her pets. It looks like Jimmy did see some of his earnings eventually as he is known for buying the odd car. While he has not gone over board, He bought a DeLorean which is a recreation of the car from the hit movie Back to the Future.

Many fans have wondered why Donny was always seen wearing purple socks. People came up with multiple theories for the socks and some said that it was his lucky charm. She gave each of her children different color socks to wear so everyone could tell which brother it was. Maybe that is why Marie is concerned with how she is lit in interviews today!

Could you imagine getting advice from the great Lucille Ball? Donny was a religious person and did not want to violate his beliefs. Because of this, Donny stayed away from the world of illegal substances. Good for you Donny! Donny was dating a girl named Tammy and his brother a girl named Debbie in The pair went to an Elton John concert one day, and Donny looked at Debbie and knew he would marry her.

He stole her from his brother and the two ended up married. Marie Osmond was not looking very fit when she realized that she needed to take off a few pounds — both for health reasons as well as for her career.

So she started on the nutrisystem diet, lost dozens of pounds, and became their spokesperson. Oddly enough, she started nutrisystem around the same time as joining a running club as well as working out six hours a day.

Interestingly, it turns out that the second born son was the first one to get married and have kids. The first born son only did so later. Additionally, Donald Jr is over two decades older than the youngest son Joshua. Deborah and Donny Osmond have five children together, all sons.

Marie Osmond fell into a deep depression after the birth of her first child Brandon. She at first thought that it was your standard case of the baby blues, something which occurs due to the hormonal imbalance from having a child. But it turns out that this bout lasted a really long time, signaling that she had postpartum depression.

Marie now talks about it a lot, unafraid to share her story with other women going through the same thing. When the Osmond family first went out to Los Angeles in order to score a record deal, the producer they were supposed to meet with was too busy to see the family. So, the father decided to take the family to Disneyland. The children saw the Dapper Dan barbershop quartet and spontaneously began to sing with them. The head of guest relations at the park was so impressed that he asked the kids to perform on Disney After Dark that night.

By the time rolled around, the family was not doing especially well financially. With two album flops, the family decided to build a TV set close to their house in Utah and got going on filming the Donny and Marie show. The show was pulled after only a couple of seasons, and sadly, no other networks would pick them up.

However, instead of declaring bankruptcy, the family just worked harder and pulled themselves out of debt. Have you ever received an Osmond Band Disk before as a gift? Was it within the past 15 years or so? If this is the case then you might want to check and see when the disk itself was made. How do we know? The Osmonds only decided to sell their music on new fangled CDs in Too bad MP3s were already a thing by then. Marie Osmond became famous at a very young age and recalls the immense pressure she felt to remain thin.

The producers of their television show went so far as to threaten to cancel the entire show if Marie could not lose weight. Even more surprisingly, Marie was only around pounds but monitored everything she ate to lose weight. Alan Osmond had a religious epiphany one day and decided that he would go on a Mormon missionary trip.

However, after making the decision, he did not feel that it was right, so he fasted and he prayed on it.

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