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Carotenoid Biosynthesis and Regulation in Plants
Some sports that have seen the use of drugs are athletics, cycling, swimming, wrestling, bodybuilding and weightlifting. The handbook of evolutionary psychology. Kamina only has a cape sometimes, and Simon, although he wears jackets, he always keeps them open and he's shirtless underneath. Relations At The Borders Between. Let's not forget Byakuya wearing a tuxedo in some pictures, Ikkaku and his own share of Clothing Damage , and especially Grimmjow. Promotional tours also involved meeting the staff at the record pressing and packing factories, meeting the people who shrink-wrap the album, and posing with them all for snapshots…..

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The cold never bothered him anyway. After Shining receives a Groin Attack from General-Admiral Makarov the Big Bad of the arc during their first fight, Minuette seems a little too eager to help the ship's doctor examine the bruising. The poor guy ends up having at least half the cast in his Unwanted Harem. Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters: During one of Will's dates with Matt, the narration notes that she keeps checking out his butt when he's not looking.

A female on female example has Jade who has just come to the conclusion that she's a lesbian peering at Irma's cleavage as she sits up from their table and then watching her rear as she walks away. Mr and Mrs Gold: During their Slumber Party , a slightly drunk Rose asks Mr. Gold to pick up one of her books off the floor, only to get cat-calls from the others when he does. Either it's an example of the Female Gaze or of the Male Gays?

Serves to stir up some Unresolved Sexual Tension in The Blue Lagoon when Richard notices Emmeline staring at him intently for reasons neither he nor she can really understand at first. What're you looking at? After Lola meets Sam in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen he walks away, and the camera briefly focuses on his butt. We're talking about a muscular young dude who wears a skintight outfit and is unbelievably agile. The first film has the least of this Jacob wears a shirt for the whole movie!

As if any girl can watch Labyrinth without staring at David Bowie 's In her review of the movie, The Nostalgia Chick warns her teenage male audience that most of her jokes will be centered around lusting after "The Area".

In the film Sunshine , there's a nice scene of Capa getting into his space suit which is clearly fanservice. After a character's husband, who pretty much defines "bastard" tells her he's leaving her for her friend and walks off she starts over in a new town. Thankfully there is a handsome, sensitive Christian sheriff around, who also has a nice butt judging by the scene where he climbs up on a ladder and Sheila finds herself staring.

We get a POV shot. What Women Want has Mel Gibson 's character taking advantage of hearing a woman's inner monologue about repeatedly looking at his crotch to do whatever he can to make her do it again. Chris Evans in the Fantastic Four movie, which has him naked and in an impromptu sauna after his powers burn all his clothes off.

His film debut in Not Another Teen Movie has him attempting to invoke this with Janey by wearing a a whipped-cream bikini. For a franchise centered around the traditionally male medium of comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe finds a lot of opportunities to show off their male leads: There's the extended, multiple-angle montage of a filthy, disheveled Robert Downey Jr.

Chris Hemsworth was already quite easy on the eyes. Add in a Shirtless Scene and him wrestling in the mud and you can hear the girls Squeeing from miles away. The sequel decided to give us a long, slow pan up Chris Hemsworth's glistening abs and pecs as he sponge bathes himself against a sunset. It lampshades his great physique in the first scene of Cap's newly-gained muscles, where love interest Peggy looks like she's going to faint and narrowly stops herself from trying to touch his chest There is a Shirtless Scene with the Winter Soldier On the more positive side, we have Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie jogging around the National Mall with extremely tight T-shirts on that quite lovingly show off their physiques.

Doctor Strange already played by fangirl magnet Benedict Cumberbatch is shirtless for no clear reason while he shaves off his Beard of Sorrow. Later scenes involve him sparring with Mordo played by the very handsome Chiwetel Ejiofor in sleeveless tops that do an excellent job showing off their upper arms. Chris Hemsworth has one more Shirtless Scene. In Exit to Eden , Mistress Lisa Dana Delany is seen checking out both the men and women as they're introduced at her sex fantasy resort.

Also, during the control scene, she glances at Citizen Elliot's Paul Mercurio bare butt while pinching and squeezing it and telling him that that's what she likes "to do to gorgeous butts". Kamen Rider Double Forever has a brief scene that includes a gratuitous close-up on Philip's lips as Maria touches them. The first lines in Fast Times at Ridgemont High are: There's the guy from the stereo store.

Do you think he looks like Richard Gere? Nothing wrong with that , right? Except that she's a minor and he's her mother's new boyfriend. In Bad Education , there's a shot where the camera spends a good amount of time focused on Gael García Bernal's crotch when he's mostly naked. Magic Mike could be retitled Female Gaze: The Movie and it would actually make more sense. Among fans, it's often called such. There are several gratuitous shots of Pierce Brosnan 's Bond leisurely swimming in the pool of his hotel.

It's a mix of close-ups of his face and upper chest, plus wide shots of his body which serve very little purpose other than to demonstrate just how Tall, Dark, and Handsome and wet he is.

This particular set-up makes Bond appear much more erotic during his Interplay of Sex and Violence fight with Xenia which includes two sexually suggestive lines, "That depends on your definition of safe sex" and "No, no, no. No more foreplay" because he's still dripping wet and only dressed in his swimming trunks.

The franchise has suddenly gained a lot of this since Daniel Craig took over the title role. It all started with the famous tiny-trunks Shirtless Scene in Casino Royale and continued from there, so much so that that's the picture for the film page for Mr. Featured prominently in Looking for Alibrandi when the students from the boys school arrive at the girls school and the girls lay eyes on them for the first time.

There are several close-ups of the boys butts as they put their hands in their pockets, causing their blazers to ride up. The Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om includes a number of tongue-in-cheek moments where the female director and choreographer makes fun of traditional Bollywood 'male oriented' sequences.

For example the song Dard e Disco , in spite of a number of half naked women, firmly focuses on male superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The costumes and the way the camera lingers on him as he jumps out of water are definitely female gaze in action. In Man of Steel , when Superman is saving the people from the oil tanker, the camera goes down to show off Cavill's pecs. In Pacific Rim , Mako spends a good amount of time staring out her door as Raleigh takes his shirt off.

Once Raleigh notices, she immediately shuts the door Madagascar certainly did this on purpose when they introduced Moto-Moto, who's a hippo just like Gloria. In Austenland , Captain East takes his shirt off at every opportunity, e. Exasperated, another male character asks why he can't just use a handkerchief. Played for laughs in How to Train Your Dragon 2 with Ruffnut constantly focusing on Eret's lovingly detailed biceps during action scenes. Days of Future Past: Wolverine's nudity when he wakes up in provides plenty of eye candy for anyone in the audience who might be attracted to men.

Downplayed with Professor X since he's more precisely a sensual subject rather than a sex object. In the scene where he's on a rocky ledge facing Cairo, his body position, the camera angles and the lighting sometimes evoke the impression that he's a male fashion model posing for a magazine shoot.

The focus on Xavier's physical beauty in these shots later intensifies the blatant rape subtext of his next scene because he looks like an attractive and vulnerable prey when Apocalypse shoves him down on to a slab and cuffs Charles's wrists to restrain him as preparation for a violent Mind Rape.

In this scene in My Tutor , Terry checks out Bobby when he comes out of the pool. In Guardians of the Galaxy , the male lead is introduced, headphones on, with tight shot of some slick Elvis Presley inspired hip movements. Later on there's an extended of him shirtless and displaying his ripped physique, while being sprayed in orange fluid. In-universe it's supposed to be prison disinfectant, but everyone in the audience knows it's really for fanservice.

Somewhat like the Blue Lagoon example above, in Kick-Ass 2 Mindy is seen having her first experience with this while watching a Boy Band music video, then suddenly experiencing it in person along with the ladies in the audience when she sees Dave changing in to his costume and realizes he's developed quite a physique. The song "Agony" also involves both Princes ripping their shirts open.

In Looking for Alibrandi , there is a scene where the students from the boys school arrive visit the girls school. The camera switches to Josephine's POV and the audience is treated to a lot of close-ups of the boys' backsides.

George of the Jungle Refreshing to see in a family film. George is the one spending most of the movie running around in nothing but a loincloth while the camera lingers on his glistening muscles or his soulful eyes.

Meanwhile, the heroine Ursula gets the bulk of the character development, drives the plot, and does it in loose-fitting, practical clothes. In Notes on a Scandal , as Barbara reaches out to take Sheba's hands, the camera pans past Sheba's cleavage. Later, while Sheba is napping on the couch at Barbara's apartment, the camera lingers over her shapely form.

During and after her fling with the titular character who was the Closet Key for her , Therese becomes more aware of women gazing at her—and returns the looks. Quite bold, given the s setting. The filmmakers film the character of Mike the way most women in horror films are treated.

The camera lingers on his body while the women around him stare. Where The Boys Are ' The Gleaners and I: Concerning film theory, not men looking hot.

There is the gaze of the director, a woman, and of her camera, as applied to the film, and of Varda as a 'character'. The French title of the work more easily makes this idea known. In Judy Blume 's Superfudge , when Peter is suffering a Potty Emergency because his little brother is taking his time on the toilet, the only alternative that comes to his mind is to wee on a large potted houseplant. A male author would probably have thought of him using the sink first, considering it's right there next to the toilet, but a female author or reader is more likely to recall male movie and TV characters whizzing on trees than to think of this option.

Comes up in A Brother's Price. In the last book of the Venus Prime series, Sparta spends some time admiring Blake's nude body as he recovers from gill-implantation surgery. She spends quite some time admiring and describing his physique.

In Worm Taylor's burgeoning crush on Brian is shown by her moving on from simply thinking of him as handsome early on, to much more detailed descriptions of his athletic physique and deep voice as they spend more time together. The fact that he ends up training her in hand-to-hand combat and they spend time assembling furniture together and doing other activities that put them in physical contact with each other does nothing to clear her head. She also very briefly notes on seeing Legend who dresses in the archetypal superhero spandex for the first time that he has a "perfect" body that is well worth a second look.

Though both characters are objectified in some sense, the series as a whole tends to favor a shirtless , Speedo-wearing Mulder over objectifying Scully though it does happen. On both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel , there is lots of this going on.

Angel, in particular, seems to like being shirtless for absolutely no reason at all. And then there's Spike — who is the only one that's ever naked in sex scenes whereas Buffy is completely clothed. In "Chosen" Buffy glances at Spike's butt just before she proposes putting him and Angel in room to wrestle in the nude while she watches. Which could well be symbolic either of the relationship and respective vulnerability status of the pair, or of the fact that a show about a vampire-slaying young woman with large amounts of character drama might just have a reasonably sized female demographic.

There's sort of an in-universe and out-of-universe example in the Season 2 episode "Go Fish", with Xander in a speedo. While the reactions of Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia are certainly along these lines, the camera shows this in a legs-up, slow-motion shot, clearly meant as a benefit for the audience. The entirety of the Russel T. For example, the women in the show are consistently introduced face-first, rather than from the legs up, so the audience views them as subjects rather than objects; the Tenth Doctor is regularly lingered-over by the camera; and almost every recurring male character has had a Shirtless Scene.

Davies is also openly gay, that might help explain some things. Amy Pond gets in on this when she watches the Doctor change clothes. When asked if she is going to turn her back on him, she cheerfully replies "Nope! Honestly, in Adam , we've got reasonably attractive actors in tight cop uniforms. Then there are anvilicious seat-belt buckling scenes, and the camera likes to focus directly on Reed or Malloy's crotch while they perform the maneuver.

John Crichton in Farscape is given a wardrobe-upgrade to leather as the series progresses, involved in a variety of fetish fuel situations, is hit on by a majority of the main cast and raped by one female villain , and is subject to a surprising amount of topless, rear-angle and crotch-level camera shots. Taken Up to Eleven during this number from the season two premiere.

Eric Northman from True Blood at the beginning of season 3. Do I need to say anything more? That's just one glaring example: Supernatural becomes more and more dominated by the female gaze as the series progress.

Admittedly, the entire cast was ridiculously attractive with plenty of fanservice for everybody—starting around the middle of season two—Sam and Dean spend increasingly longer crying, hugging and being tied down to things. A good specific example comes from "Red Sky At Morning".

In it, Dean and Bela end up dressing up fancily so they can attend a ball at which a potentially haunted object is to be shown. However, unlike most shows where the camera would focus on how attractive Bela looks, instead we see her surprised expression as Dean walks down a flight of stairs in a suit, the camera lingering over him.

Interestingly, Supernatural later subverts the traditional Male Gaze trope again in season eight by panning up on Castiel and how good he looks once he washes up after a year in purgatory, but in this case it doesn't count for the Female Gaze trope either as viewer surrogate in this scene is Dean.

In Community episode Interpretive Dance Troy has to call Britta out on this because she won't stop looking down when talking to him while he is wearing a leotard. In her Playboy video profile there's a scene in a diner in which Playmate Lindsey Vuolo is shown looking at the cook's butt. In real life the butt is her favorite male body part below the neck. Although much of the fanservice on Game of Thrones is of the male gaze type, there is quite a bit of fanservice for those who appreciate muscular bodies: The first episode has a scene where Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and Theon Greyjoy get shaved and are all shirtless this was actually done because footage from the pilot was shot months apart and the three characters have facial hair in certain scenes.

The three were even having a personal contest in that scene to see who could look the most ripped. Khal Drogo and most of the Dothraki males are almost all shirtless, as well.

The series also shows a few shirtless scenes with Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell, who are lovers. Later, Loras "befriends" a very attractive male prostitute who is a real camera-magnet. Her open appreciation of his naked form with her still clothed is used to illustrate the power dynamic between them; she takes him as a lover, but on her terms, not his.

Melisandre consciously invites one by remaining undressed in Queen Selyse's presence. Selyse takes a long look, apparently envious of the woman who seduced her husband. Melisandre goes on to claim flesh is just another trick of the Lord of Light. In the Children of Dune miniseries, the Adonis-like and often shirtless Leto Atreides II is presented in a very sensual manner by the director.

There are lots of close-ups of his Pretty Boy face and certain parts of his body, and the camera sometimes "lingers" on him like a woman's or a gay man's eyes would when staring at someone who is extremely attractive. On The Nanny , Fran revealed that she'd had constantly been admiring Maggie's male model boyfriend Michael's butt in the underwear ad he was in on the billboard over Times Square in the "Maggie's Boyfriend" episode.

Maggie then went on to say, "It looks much better without his pants on". In Unnatural History , after mentioning that he goes commando, the camera is very sure to follow Henry's bum as we walks upstairs. During a heat wave in the summer of , Washington, D. He told Rieger that the black shorts and T-shirt combo matched perfectly but it was soaked with sweat and became unwearable. She told the guy that she thought that his black shorts-and-sweaty bare chest combination was good style for him by saying "It looks like you're well matched here.

When she covered the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Wendy Rieger did a segment on what she will remember most. Those sights are the Christ the Redeemer statue and its Seleron steps, Ipanema Beach and Diego, the bodyguard, which she thought of as the prettiest sight: Diego was assigned to my party for about two hours.

Not that the other bodyguards weren't lovely. Apart from the occasional Cleavage Window from Morgana or Gwen, the show overwhelmingly prefers to ogle the guys, with at least one Shirtless Scene per episode. Starting with the season two opener, Arthur no longer hides behind a screen to change, Gwaine is gratuitously topless in his introductory episode, and the knights have a tendency to not wear shirts, seemingly at random.

Then there's the season 5 two-part premiere, where Gwaine and Percival spend pretty much the whole time shirtless and performing manual labor. More likely, she liked seeing it off. Piper and Phoebe spent quite a bit of time ogling Leo's butt as he's fixing something in the fireplace. Quite possibly the finest glutes in the city.

In all the land. Prue walks in on Leo in the shower, and takes a second to look at Leo and remark "nice orbs" before being driven out by Piper.

Pretty Little Liars has Spencer do a lot of this. She cat calls a male teacher riding a bike and is often seen ogling her boyfriend when he is shirtless and he is very often without a shirt as a form of fan service.

Melana Scanlon said "They took off their shirts and I almost passed out. Larissa said "Looking at these guys, I was like gosh they're gorgeous.

Every single one of them takes your breath away" when the Hunks took their shirts off for the Shirts vs. Larissa also said about Jim Frassetto when they went rock climbing in Scottsdale, Arizona "Jim was getting really sweaty and I have to say he looks pretty darn good without his shirt on going down.

It was pretty sexy. Pulled off beautifully in episode— pardon, Brave 27 of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Before going into battle, Daigo tears his shirt off , and while he does so, the camera cuts to his bare chest several times. In the "Pilot" episode of Melrose Place , Alison starts admiring Billy's bare chest as well as his butt after he moves in, in this scene. Lucinda and Mary Jo are watching a barechested Nick hang up signs.

In this segment about how good - looking men earn more, reporter Lizzie Pearl interviews very attractive men, compliments them and she also has the camera pointed at young, lean muscular shirtless men with smooth, hairless chests. In this newscast , a New Year's Eve reveler is mooning the reporter and based on her body language and eye contact , apparently, she thinks that he has a nice butt. Hannibal is a prime example. The show has always had cameras lingering on its aesthetically pleasing male leads, but it really started in Season 3 when showrunner Bryan Fuller started to care less and less about expectations.

Here we were treated to Francis Dolarhyde Richard Armitage beefed up doing close-up sweaty yoga in short shorts. Later Hannibal himself is shown naked, tied down in a bondage-like manner. Bob notices this during the next scene, which takes place at a male strip club. In the scene, Kris especially liked seeing Bob with his shirt off.

Jade Allen the strip club's owner then asks him if his butt and package are as good and Bob looks to Kris and says "Well, I haven't had any complaints.

Then when they watch Arnie, the male stripper rehearse Kris sees Arnie's butt and says that she thinks Arnie's butt's better shaped than Bob's when she says "Oh yes! During this postgame interview on Fox Sports , not only are reporter Katie Witham's eyes almost exclusively on soccer player Nani's sweaty bare chest , she also has the camera pointed at it. At the Summer Olympics , Savanah Guthrie's, Hoda Kotb's and Jenna Bush Hager's eyes,along with the camera are on Tonga's half naked flag-bearer Pita Taufatofua and Hoda and Jenna enthusiastically apply a copious amount of oil on his bare chest in this clip.

Once on The Five , Sheppard Smith cut in to cover a 20 year old Virginia man who was climbing the Trump Tower and Fox News Liberal Julie Roginsky gasped and then spent the rest of the show staring at his ass He was only shown from behind. In this segment on The Doctors , women discuss what makes a good butt on a guy. Whether he's appearing nude in photo shoots and TV commercials, or dancing suggestively while groping his chest, abs, and crotch, or ripping off his shirt in front of cheering crowds of women and men , Gackt is no stranger to the Female Gaze.

We're talking about a video that idolizes a guy who can't even start a lawn mower, but shit damn if he doesn't something sentence a shirt off with his muscles. Oslin's "Younger Men" which is the cougar's national anthem , has the Female Gaze in this verse: You're lookin' good darling That's right, stay in shape" She told the audience "I was out walkin' around this afternoon and I saw a cute little farmer standing there with blue jeans on and no shirt!

I leaned out the bus window and said 'Honey, you're lookin' good'! This line in "As If" by Sara Evans: I love the way you wear those worn out blue jeans Walkin' all around in the big sunshine''. In nearly all of its entirety. Fanservice to be because even if the fans don't pop the camera will let you know it. Most obvious is Star Jr, whose entrance involves peeling off his pants to reveal an even tighter pair underneath and shaking his behind.

When he takes off his shirt, guess where the camera stays? Even Super Smash Bros. Brawl got into the act. Metal Gear Solid 2 allows you to have Raiden run around doing handless cartwheels naked. During the various acrobatic stunts Ezio pulls in Assassin's Creed II , quite a few of the female NPCs will take time to compliment his, er, tight pants.

Male NPCs as well. Resident Evil 4 , zooms into Luis's crotch immediately after he states that he has something for you You be the judge. Despite Dead or Alive being mostly a Male Gaze series, it occasionally will cater to its female counterparts by not just having some attractive men that include a Walking Shirtless Scene , but the fifth installment adding DLC that included swimming clothes for the men and even sexy Hallowe'en costumes that shows off the male characters' physique more.

Probably more so than any other Dragon Age game. While the two romancable-for-men female love interests dress and carry themselves pretty conservatively sensible armor for Cassandra and a ruffled dress for Josephine , of the four romancable-for-women male love interests one is Mr. Cutscene camera angles frequently make good use of this. While sex scenes with female companions including Sera tend to involve a bit of nipple and diming for two seconds at most, pillow talk following sex with male love interests tends to involve lingering shots of the male characters' incredibly well-toned chests, abs, and legs.

Mass Effect has been known to cater to this as well as Male Gaze ; while not as frequent as Miranda, Jacob gets some camera-ogling, especially on his abs. Can I do this program if I've never worked out before? Yes the AGR program can accommodate all fitness levels from a total beginner up to the most advanced person. The system is based on customization so it's designed to give you a program recommendation based on your current fitness level whatever it may be.

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