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Nissan LEAF Review
Next year it will joined by ProPilot Park, which highly automates parking, including selecting an empty spot not already bordered by a parked car reading lane stripping. All information is available in the Leaf's digital screens. Global sales in climbed to 49, units, making the Leaf the world's second best-selling plug-in car after the Tesla Model S for the second year running. It is based on the same platform as the Leaf, but it is expected to become Nissan's luxury electric car. Y a t-il un accus de stockage pour une charge rapide.

2018 Nissan Leaf battery real specs

2016 Nissan Leaf: First Drive Of 107-Mile Electric Car

Being as brilliantly responsive to the accelerator as ever, and having greater torque-related thrust below about 50mph than just about anything short of a hot hatchback , the Leaf is a delight to drive around town. Those who decide to will continue to do so for rational reasons: Our test drive suggested you should expect more like miles from this car between charges, in mixed real-world use. The first Leaf was an EV pioneer. Can the new one make as big an impact? We're finding out over six months.

New Leaf has plenty of substance to go with its striking looks, but there is still work to do if Nissan wants to take class honours in the UK. It makes every ride smarter and more fun.

Inside, you'll find a roomy, comfortable interior and an entirely redesigned modern dash. We use cookies on our website to optimize the user experience and for analysis. By using this website you consent to the use of cookies. Find out more here. Certified Pre-Owned Built to last. With full torque from 0 rpm, it is as peppy as anyone needs to 35 and even to On the highway, it can still gallop OK, but aerodynamic drag does diminish range faster than around-town driving.

Its natural habitat can include some freeway usage, and 95 mph is possible, but higher speeds sap energy much more quickly. That said, on a mile round trip mostly in Eco mode, we traveled a good 80 percent at highway speeds, and returned with 20 miles indicated range remaining.

The Leaf rewards sedate driving; finite power supply reinforces the need to keep it tame, but it is not lame. To maximize range, we actually found ourselves preferring Eco as it delivered acceptable around-town and highway acceleration. If you press the pedal down harder, the same amount of power is still available. Eco mode widens the range at which the regeneration system is active, which results in slightly more aggressive deceleration and braking feel.

Maximum regenerative braking is indicated by fully illuminated green dots. It is best used when decelerating or stopping, and it illuminates more green regen-indicating circles in the power display — free energy! Cargo volume is decent making this a functional commuter and general runabout.

Other nuances to the energy supply picture can be seen in how the available range readout changes up or down when switching to Eco or B or D modes, or when tapping energy with the air conditioning or heater. Similar results happen in motion or stopped when you switch to Eco — range increases, or D — range decreases.

This is a neat feature, like reversing the fuel gauge on a gas car. If you can get your mind around what the Leaf can do, and can make it work for your circumstances, it can be rewarding. Nissan never admitted any defect, did assign an independent review panel to investigate.

Another concern is the fact that all battery powered cars lose potential range over the years, whether only a few miles, or more. Also, one must have home charging, ideally, volt, and those who lack this option have a daunting disadvantage,. Some people choose leasing to hedge against future range loss and technology improvements. Resale values are less easy to calculate and lease rates can be attractive to the point of nearly netting a free car.

No, but it depends whether it will pan out. A decision to go with the Leaf should be carefully analyzed, but while fear, uncertainty and doubt abound, dealers in Portland have reported monthly Leaf sales exceeding those for vehicles up to the top-selling Altima.

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