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Our 'Service interruptions' section below will have more information on when our services will be back online. We apologise for any inconvenience. To help customers plan for any scheduled service interruptions, we publish the dates and details one month in advance. If you're having problems when using our online services, it could be an issue with your browser or settings.

We've received reports of some customers having issues when trying to open PDF files within our company portal. When performing a search on ASIC Connect you will need to select a tick box stating 'I am not a robot' to return the results. Each month, we report on our online services and our overall performance in terms of availability.

Your ASIC key is a unique number used in ASIC Connect that helps us establish your identity and protects your business information by making sure only you and those you have authorised can access it. AUSkey is a single key to access government online services. In the future, you may no longer need different user IDs and passwords as AUSkey becomes accepted by more government agencies for their online services.

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