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Colleen Foster 11th June at Paula 12th September at I am leaning much more toward the Ninja Mega system now since it seems to function very much the same. Smoothie and see what happens…! What about Moringa as one of the best? Zoom out a little and the bar sits nicely to the left.

How to Get The Most Alkaline Foods Daily: THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT

What Are the Most Alkaline Foods?

I have to say that when I used fruit it was wonderful. I used one grapefruit, one apple, and 2 peaches. All I could really taste was the grapefruit, but it was drinkable. I think I would only use part of the grapefruit next time. One smoothy I have made before was peach, apple, and blueberry.

It has a great flavor. It would probably be a wonderful juice too. I then decided to use veggies. It was like eating dirt. The texture was horrible. I had also used celery, spinach, kale, and carrot. I really feel it was the beet that made it taste like dirt yes I did wash it — lol. I had to add water to this combination, because it was not turning to juice.

It was chopped veggies in a blender. Did you peel it? I just bought the Mega Kitchen System I have several green smoothies and juices on my Ninja Blender recipes page. My favorite is this one: But, like I said, I have several if you surf on over to my Ninja Recipe page. Also if I wanted to make a greens recipe in the big pitcher could I make it and store it in the fridge or would that not last long? The key is exactly what you said — add in more ice to make the pulp more drinkable.

Start small with the ice and adjust until you get a consistency you like. You can make a drink in the big pitcher and store it up to about 24 hours with no issues. The nutribullet had a milling blade that I would use to grind the seeds or nuts by themselves separate from putting them in a smoothie. Do you know if the single serve cup blade will do this?

Yes, the Ninja will grind up flax seeds almonds and other nuts. You can even make nut butter if you want. If you have the single serve cup, you can get the best grind a finer grind but even the 72 ounce jar will grind. Can the new ninja with single serving make cider without removing the apple peel? Do you think it would be a good option for single serve made to order drinks?

Looks like it would be simpler to clean than a juicer especially for one serving. I recently saw the demo for a vitamix and at my request, the guy put carrots with crushed ice and lemon juice in and after blending for a few minutes he had actual juice. I drank it and there was absolutely no pulp. Looking forward to your response. I have never actually tried this with carrots — I usually strain the carrot juice and, since I got a juicer, just juice them straight up.

However, I will give it a shot for you next week need to go get baby carrots and write up a post. The whole food juicing definitely works with softer things like in the Dr. I am working on a post about this for next week, so stay tuned! I use non-fat greek yogurt, a banana, almond milk, peanut butter and two cups of baby spinach. I personally do not use ice in most of my smoothies. I prefer a very smooth texture. I think the ninja does a great job at breaking down the spinich.

I add the liquids and banana first and blend for about 30 seconds, then add in the spinach and let it go for about a minute. Im interested in possibly doing a juice only fast, I have a gluten issues and wanting to give my intestines a break. I have heard masticating juicers are the best, but I own a ninja kitchen system now. Would it be possible to make great juices? What should I do to prevent this?

Could I blend longer without it over-heating? The best thing to do in this situation is add a handful of ice. The ice helps break up the pulp better and also provides a better consistency. It will still be thicker than juice, but more drinkable. I see in this blog post you said you used a slightly modified version of Dr. Awesome thank you so much! My only question is can you use plain water in place of the coconut water? I have a Brita pitcher so perfect, thanks again!

I have been juicing, but I lose all the pulp, which is really good for the body, so I ordered the new Ninja Mega System from Amazon, and when it arrived, I tried juicing in the single serve container. I got a delicious, thick glass of juice—with no pieces, just a rich, tasty juice. It is supposed to be thick! You are getting all the nutrients. I am very pleased, as I thought I would have to use the blender to get decent juice, but this Ninja is quite powerful.

I was wondering is there anything else I need to add in there.. I see everything else has some kind of liquid in it. Any suggestions would really help. Mail will not be published required. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Simply buy your kitchen items or anything via this button at Amazon. There is no cost to you and I get a small fraction for referring you. Thanks for stopping by! How to Make Juice with the Ninja Blender.

Part 3 - A Summary. How to Make Peanut Butter in 3 Minutes. Blueberry Pie Energy Bars. Making Apple Juice with a Ninja Blender. I wanted to get to one thing right away: And now, about five minutes later, I have this: December 30, at 7: December 30, at 8: May 19, at 3: May 19, at 5: May 21, at 3: June 25, at January 15, at 6: January 16, at January 19, at January 19, at 7: January 19, at 8: January 20, at 1: January 20, at 8: January 21, at 9: January 22, at 7: March 8, at March 8, at 5: April 7, at 8: April 8, at 9: April 9, at 3: April 17, at 4: April 17, at 5: April 18, at May 5, at 6: May 13, at 9: I really want you to think about this: Can you imagine this?

This really is giving you not only huge antioxidants, huge alkalinity, huge chlorophyll, huge detoxification nutrients — but if you want to go really mainstream — its giving you the recommended 5 Veg a Day before 9am! Please give it a try — have a fresh vegetable juice or smoothie every morning for a week and let me know the effect this has!

I have actually got a really detailed list of all alkaline and acid foods available for a free download here it also has a beginners guide to the alkaline diet and ten delicious alkaline recipes in it. I promise you, if you include double the amount of these 7 foods than you currently are you will rapidly get towards your health goals.

S remember the most alkaline foods are also usually the most nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich foods too. Take a look at the Alkaline Recipe System.

With hundreds of easy-to-prepare Alkaline recipes PLUS 7 goal-based meal plans each with itemized shopping lists for goals including weight loss, more energy, better digestion, clearer skin and more — it makes reaching your health goals SO easy! What is THE most alkaline food on earth? How to Get 7.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Plannin' on some kissin'? Alkaline Food Questions Answered: High Alkaline Green Juice Recipe. Hey Ross are amino acids pill supplements good or bad if you have had a stent put in your heart. Lost a lot of weight since heart attack 38lbs and want to start slowly lifting weights.

HI Ross, I love what you are doing to help people eat healthier! Thanks again for your untiring work. HHi Ross I think you kind of get the terrible space I am in. But I want to ask something. Do you think this is true.?

I just think tgst they caused so muvh damage to my immune sysrem over many yearscos I did not kniw they were there and I also went through so much stress for so many years. All if THUS woukd gave caused dysbiosis. It all depends on the immune dysrem I belueve and I kniw the alkaline life style takes stress off the body. I did become very nutrient deficient. So I will remain confused. Can you offer any guidance as to how long it takes to change an acidic ph of between to 8, if one adheres to the alkaline diet.

I too have had problems with low acid levels in the body for a long time. I cant eat or drink acid and spicy foods and I struggle with acid reflux. I recently changed my diet, trying to adhere to the alkaline diet.

I slowly started eliminating all animal products, processed food, flours, and sugars. Although it has only been a little while, it has made a big difference. But what has made a word of a difference for me, aside from a change in diet was alkaline water!!!! I drink a lot of water a day and this has really helped!! How to make your body more Alkaline - 15 Ways to change your pH balance. Do I have to juice all the seven together or one or two a day will do thank you very much for making it possible for us God bless you.

Can I Get Too Alkaline? Hi Ross ,I just discover your website when doing some research for hiatus hernia, is there any way to cure it naturally? What do you suggest? I am writing a blog post on my website and was trusting your info, just crossed referenced and it does not mach with USDA nutritional facts.

How can I convert your recipes from grams to tablespoons cups etc….. For example the one recipe calls for g of almond flakes. How much is that? Also are almond flakes the same as shaved almonds? Thank you so much. Is there a scientific paper or article that explains more specifically why lemons are alkaline forming. I would like to understand that process, since I read a lot of articles that suggest drinking lemon water since it is an alkaline fruit, but it is a bit confusing since lemons contain citric acid.

Your articles are the only ones that have clear my doubt, but I would like to have a better understanding and I would appreciate if you give me any suggestions about what kind of articles I should look for. Hi Ross, I love the emails you send me about eating and maintaining an alkaline lifestyle. Keep up the great work!! You cannot think like that… all veggies have something good in them….

Not sure what your nutrition credentials are but…. Indeed, I totally agree that all veggies have good in them and absolutely believe we should eat a hugely varied diet of veggies among other things too of course. What of the juice from marijuana leaves or seeds?

Which nutrients do they contain despite the politics around it? It also decreases my craving for unhealthy snacks and makes me crave healthy food. Thank you for the valuable information! Hey Iris — that is a fantastic habit to form and sounds like an amazing smoothie to me! My body is always burning and on fire from this and inflamed because the bacteria is highly acid it can only survive in an acidic environment.

I got this from taking a health supplement called deer antler velvet so people beware of that stuff or any stuff that comes from an animal. And here I used to love food so much all kinds and everything I was such an eclectic eater. I would try anything as long as it was natural and not processed crap.

Have you tried antibiotics? That sounds like a very serious thing. May I ask what you took the deer antler velvet for? Also, how did you link the Whipples disease to the deer antler velvet? I found out that I have a mass on my colon.

Will this Alkaline Diet help me? God bless you Ross,this is a wonderful article on alkaline foods i reside in Nigeria Broccoli is not available here.

Pls kindly tell me about Beetroot can it be part of my 5. I think it should since alkaline is in cucumbers. Brown rice has less acidity in it than white rice though.

I have followed an alkaline diet for years, exercise, have a rebounder, drink water, but still have rather severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, and mild COPD!

What is wrong with this picture? I have stage 4 colo-rectal cancer. Are there any benefits for me? I always tried to stay fit and healthy but i think the family genes got me anyway. I underwent major uterine-invasive surgery earlier this year with adjuvant chemo and radio therapy.

I declined the adjuvant therapy and began a journey of research on cancer-hostile environments, thus where metastasized, or indeed IF there were any dormant mother cancer stem cells still in existence, it would in effect allow them to create suicide apoptosis. It led me initially to the importance of alkalization, hydration and exercise. Your website is fantastic and, for me, so full of related information. I thank you for being so passionate about health, keep up this exceptionally good work.

I will certainly spread your words of wisdom! I saw your post and I wanted you to know that you will be in my daily prayers. I have a morning prayer routine and your name will most certainly be on it. I am so glad that you are discovering the important aspects of a physically healthy body. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers. God bless you Carole! I believe there are done fruits and vegetables that should be avoided such as celery, rhubarb, blueberries etc… as they contain higher acidity?

Can you confirm certain types of fruits and veg that should be avoided to help with kidney health? Hence the reason I want to do everything in my power to improve my kidney health, energy levels and general quality of life!

Any help and advice greatly appreciated!! A good friend of mine told me if we fermented all this 7 superfoods it will pull more Nutrients and vitamins from them, rather than eat them raw..

I decided that I need to get more alkaline and so I came up with my recipe. It consists of kale, cucumber, string beans, bell pepper and ripe banana. The banana I just to add a mild sweeten and I must say I called it power punch.

Thanks Ross going to get my energy up now. You are certainly doing some wonderful and very beneficial research.

Keep it up as so many people can use the information you publish. When I became a vegan I made 7 in 4 months. The list is long for oxilate green foods. Do you have any tricks up your sleeves? Hi G I have a problem with kidney stones too. The water I drink is distilled and I add a little bit of fresh lemon juice, which is supposed to prevent the kidney stones from crystallizing.

This has really helped me, maybe it can help you as well. Then break a little off and drop them into my glass water bottles. It is a time saver. I tecent read sodium bicarbonate will give immediate relief for acidvreglux due to its high alkine content. Google and see if its right for you. All hail the Kale! The Simple Weight Loss Equation The Ultimate List plus Recipes!

Alkaline Breakfast Recipes - Live Energized. Top 10 Alkaline Diet Questions Answered! I am on a blood thinner for life and have to limit my vit K intake. Are most alkaline foods high in K? Live Energized Alkaline Foods Tip: It inspires me to fire up right away with my water intake..

Good job by the way for the effort in spreading those good infos… Keep it up ross! I did verify the email from you but then nothing. Hi Ross, Beautifully short and simple article. Thanking you once again Ross for all the help and anyone that could provide any information at all.

Varun, Good Luck with an answer. I have asked Ross twice on FB to please answer me and still no reply. Sorry about your Mom. A really brilliant website for cancer patients and those who want to prevent it is http: It includes info on orthodox as well as complementary treatments.

It also has books on diet including the importance of alkalinity , supplements etc. You name it, it has it. I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma last Aug. Had surgery to remove mass in Oct. It returned in Dec. Against medical advice, Jan 1, I started juicing and eating mostly veggies, some Ezekiel bread and cereal with berries.

I order 50 lbs. Canadian carrots weekly along with kale, celery, cukes, green apple, lemon, ginger to juice. I live in rural south Georgia and organics veggies are few. I do clean, scrub in apple cider vinegar and peel. Did I read correctly that non organic veggies are acidic because of the pesticides.

Am I really doing all this in vain. I am testing daily with ph strips and I am very alkaline. Due for more scans 1st of April.

Thank you for some tips. Detox Approved Snacks Lauren Conrad. Thank you Ross for compiling this list, a nice reminder of how easy it is to get back in track and keep it healthy. What Happens When You're Acidic. The Most Alkaline Food. Right in stead of water I use beet juice. Hey Roy — great work! I answer upwards of a hundred questions a day through comments, emails and facebook and I do the best I can, for free.

I hope I get to your questions at some point, but there are lots of people you can pay to go and see who can give you a quicker answer if you need it quickly. The time it takes to do the research and then put it together on a blog in terms so that we can understand it and for FREE is amazing to me.

Thank you Ross for ALL of your hard work and the effort that you put forth to helping the world become a healthier and happier place to live. On a Thyroid website, I recently read that raw Brassicas have quite a detrimental effect on an under active thyroid. I follow an alkaline diet and now feel slightly reluctant to juice spinach and other greens. There are lots of combinations and interactions when diagnosed conditions come into play.

Sometimes our body is too far down a certain path to have a one-size solution. I recommend discussing everything with your physician and avoid the foods you find uncomfortable. Is it true when you cook a red, yellow or green bell pepper does it change the consistency? Does it become acidic? Hi I juice all the highly alkaline vegetables daily.

Is this acceptable as intake or do you have to eat them? BUT I would aim to eat other alkaline foods throughout the day too — if nothing else then for the fibre. Ross, We include all of those veggies into our diet! Such a great list with thorough explanations. Thanks million for your wisdom! Oops, IMO, what runs souped up dragster circles around all these items, combined—then tripled—is one fruit—yellow lemons.

If allowed to remain on teeth past five minutes, it will start to dissolve tooth enamel. This should tell you what it does inside the arteries—it removes the calcium build-up. It can be added to orange juice to make it more palatable, and that will lessen the speed at which it cleanses the arteries. Remember lemon is a blood thinner, and an effective one—if on coumadin discuss with MD before using lemon. My experience with lemons impressed me so much that if I could have only one fruit, it would always be lemons.

Nice list, but this only true if organic for commercial grown food becomes acidic when grown with superphosphate. That is why it needs sprays to stay alive and not be attacked by pests. Plants that are not healthy in ecosystems get consumed by insects. Commercial carrots are now shown to be acidic and not alkaline. I wanted to say thank you for all of the info. I definitely need it. I will spread the word and your site address along. I was wondering why verdolagas purslane in english I believe was not listed.

Info says it is very high in omega 3s. Also I wondered why stevia was not acceptable for the green drinks? I know it is a sugar, but I saw it listed as very alkaline. There is a limit to the foods I can fit on the list. Considered a weed in the U. It is eaten throughout much of Europe, the middle east, Asia, and Mexico. Purslane contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable plant. It contains vitamins A, C, some Bs, and carotenoids.

The dietary minerals it contains are magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron. It says a bunch of other good stuff about it. Hi Mary, I came across this sight and it caught my attention when you were talking about purslane. I grew up eating this weed, my grandfather would actually plant it, the seeds are tiny.

I harvest it here in Las Cruses, NM. Friends laugh when I go visit and take this weed from their yard and prepare it for them and they love it. What I do is clean off all the dirt, I roughly chop it up.

All of it except the roots. I get a pot and put a little olive oil and onions and tomatos and cook them for a few minutes, not to the point where the onions glaze, I then throw in the purslane we call it Verdolagas and a little broth, chicken or beef. Cover and slowly let it cook down till the stems are a little tender. They taste great, it is my favourite veggie. What I also do is make a bowl of beans and I mix some of it with the verdolagas. I bet once you try it you will love them.

Thanks, Albert, for your story. I copied the recipe and will give it a try soon. Yes, I give myself a week to think about it. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I have heard conflicting statements about Stevia. Some sites say that it is alkaline forming. Apparently it is a natural sweetener, derived from the stevia rebaudiana plant. Another site says it is mildly acid forming. In the list you provided here, I see that most of them are loaded with vitamin C. How to Get Alkaline with the Alkaline Diet.

Great site and article. But I am surprised you are citing nutrient content based on the RDA. I have never thought of a RDA based system as giving us what we really need.

The numbers are usually very low. Uff you are sooo beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of information.

I also forgot to mention that he smoothie gives me and my partner great smooth, healthy skin, hair, amazing energy boost and a mean, light and flexible body!! Carrot juice can also me mixed in. Another hint is not to use juicer, but use a blender so as to keep fibers in.

Blenders are good for smoothies but It is not recommended to blend the vegetables because of the toxins in our food today. It is believed that most of the toxins are locked up in the pulp left behind when one juices vegetables. Our family have been juicing since the early 20th century when they had to grate the vegetables and squeeze the juices out by hand diluting the juice with water.

Then my mother discovered her first juice extractor in the early s in the USA along with a copy of the Norman Walker juicing book. The point really is that juicing affords the benefits from the food whilst resting the digestive system. Interesting insight Dawn, thanks for sharing. I do believe a mix of juicing and blending is best for me personally and I buy organic whenever possible. Hi Dawngirl, good point and I agree with you about juicing.

The benefits of juicing is phenomenal. I give my patient a coffee enema and massage as well. I followed Ross for a while now with his research. Thanks, Ross for sharing: Your grand smoothie of alkaline ingredients has become a staple at my place and given me and my partner with great nutrition, detox properties and weight loss. Kale, avocado, kiwi, bell pepper, cucumber, celery all the way with occasional spinach, honey or stevia, dark chocolate, watercress and apples.

Dear Ross, thank you for wonderful info. I am diving deeply into alkaline foods now. I read many food charts and am glad you confirmed — my favorite Broccoli is rated well. I also thought you might be right person to ask this question: All charts mention RAW or cooked food, not frozen food.

But I am curious, does it make any sense to eat frozen Broccoli without cooking, for purpose of better alkalinity? I am still searching for more Food Charts with alkalinity for frozen food, cooked later or eaten after brought to room temperature.

I also never make juice like most of people do — on high speed machines. Such machines kill what is best in fruits, veggies. For two reasons — high speed and associated oxygen being absorbed quickly, with enzymes gone, then electromagnetic fields from near motor. Only slow motion, ideally no electricity, hand driven. I wonder if you know about alkalinity worsened when high speed mixers used for juicing.

I can not find related info. Hi Ross, thanks for the work you do, I am a newbie but it is starting to make sense. My comment is, sometimes I open your emails but it goes direct to a stupid acai berry diet website and I cant work out if the email is from you and they somehow hijack it or if they are sending me false emails under your name im not very technical Its happened several times, any advice? Thanks for all of your hard work to get this info out to those who care about their health, including me.

Love what you do, and always look forward to new interesting emails. Still a rookie and learning. I will get it all right some day. Hi Ross, I have just tried the 7 items you suggested mixed with chicken stock in a smoothie.

It tasted absolutely disgusting!!!!! Thanks so much for putting all this info together. And you attach recipes too! Hi Ross Thank you for great info everytime you right something: I eat spinach everyday and think that I get much out of it. The thing is that many people talks about that you shouldnt eat spinach that much and that it could even be really bad for you according to many studies! Do you have a coment on that? I have heard that spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, and I notice that my teeth feel on edge when I eat it compared with my teeth feeling silky when eating other green foods and drinks so I tend not to consume too much for this reason.

Can you tell me if Oxalic acid is a problem. Dear Susie I have been told by a medic that spinach should be avoided by osteoporosis sufferers because of its high oxalic acid which is harmful to bones. Thank you for the goodwill and info. Its kind of late but there is nothing to stop me except inertia.

Can suggest any recipe books for the tropics? The New Becoming Vegetarian: Very good info, thanks. What about Moringa as one of the best? Some say it is the most nutritious and others are unaware of it. Hi Ross, Your article about the 7 most alkaline foods is interesting and I will be trying some of the recipes, although they are already commonly known to be good for you.

I was just wondering if there is any research that directly indicates a benefit to eating alkaline foods. It certainly seems logical but I wonder if it just a massive post hoc fallacy. Had such a giggle…. Thanks for all your inspiration!!! Hi Ross, You need to be careful about advocating that people eat lots of raw broccoli in general, and especially if they have, or may be predisposed to, thyroid problems.

Raw broccoli is not recommended in those situations. I know this from a fully qualified Naturopath degree practitioner. This blog is only my opinion. It is not medical advice or diagnosis.

Please consult with a medical professional before making any diet or nutrition changes. I had also heard this too and wondered what quantities are a safe level if you have thyroid issues? It has seaweed, spring onions and silk tofu pieces. Can you help me please? Is it acid forming? Hi Ross, Thank you for all these informations. I am very much interested in this alkaline diet. And am also Drinking at least. I have severe osteoporosis could this be a problem. We eat a lot of kale and spinach and looking forward to Leading a healthier, we are in our seventies but I quess it Never to late.

Thank you very much for making. Thank you for thesse valuable informations …. Well, I just used it, and I love it! The broader shape definitely seems to allow a better mixing vortex. Made the kids a smoothie and was very pleased - much better blending. A couple of additional items beyond the shape: My original bottom fit the new jar perfectly.

Pefect replacement I received my Osterizer in as a wedding present. Imagine my dismay when my husband brought me the broken jar and asked me if we needed to get a new blender.

I was pleased to find that this replacement "glass" jar was still available and at a fair price. My Osterizer is amazing and everyone comments that they wished the new blenders worked as well as this. I was pleased as punch to get this replacement jar.

It is a quality product with thick glass just like the original. Looks identical to ones I got with my Oster blender I thought for sure I would be able to find these at the regular grocery store, even walmart. I had chewed up the ring that came with my oster.

I was making laundry detergent, and I had 4 mason jars to attach to the blender. On one of the blends I forgot to wash off the ring, and thats how it got sucked up into the blades, and it was toast. If you dont have the sealed ring then you pretty much can't use your blender.

So this is seal ring is very essential to have, which is why I'm so surprised no store around me sold them.

So I had no choice to buy from amazon. This is the one you need to get!! I went through the normal review of buyers comments when looking to purchase a replacement sealing ring for our Oster blender.

There are lower priced offerings, however I was more interested in getting the best quality and that's what this sealing ring is It is thick and pliable, very industrial strength ish. We've used in regularly 3 times a week , run it through the dish washer and it has maintained it's original characteristics.

It comes in a package of two sealing rings, so I have to find a place to store the second sealing ring that I will remember because it's going to be a long time until it's needed. This is the one you need to get I don't understand the good reviews for this item and I can't believe it I don't understand the good reviews for this item and I can't believe it is actually from Oster.

This is very inferior to the rings that were on my blender and others I have used in the past. They are thinner and narrower. I have been using one light use since December and this morning it split while in use, and a second split is starting. The contents of the blender went all over the counter top and cabinets.

I would love it if Oster contacted me to explain why this quality is so poor, because the blender quality certainly is not poor. I would like to know how to get some of the older replacements.

I have included a picture of the broken ring. Never seen that before. I normally do not write a review, but was unexpectedly surprised by this product. This is the first product where the replacement not even original was far better in quality than the original. My wife ruined the original base when she placed it in dishwasher and it fell to the bottom.

But this replacement product is way far thicker. The top one is a replacement and the bottom one slightly cracked is the original. I was wondering that that thick base might make it unfitting in the blender. But actually it fit more snugly than the original. Looking at this spare I wondered why cant Oster use some quality component like this. But I guess they cannot be spending so much on each component. Fits like original base for my Osterizer speed I bought these when my original base got cracked.

I had had the original base for more than 10 years and when I took it apart to get a new blade installed, somehow something fell on it and cracked it. Oh well, I guess it's a good idea to replace all of those spare parts together anyway base and blade since they are the same age.

I'm glad it was just the base that cracked and not the glass jar. This base fit on my Osterizer speed like the original. I counted the spikes on the base and saw that it was six like mine not five like on some other spare Oster bases that I had seen.

I think that the base with five spikes would have fit but I'm happy with my choice because it's just like the original part. Fits Oster Fusion perfectly About 5 years ago my little brother spent what to him was considered a lot of money to buy me a really nice blender.

He was a kid and had to save up. I love the thing. It's an Oster Fusion 6 cup and i use it from milk shakes, margaritas, smoothies to salsa. It has a nice food chop function that makes needing a food processor unnecessary.

The base that connects the pitcher to the bottom broke, and i was so upset. I was sure i wouldn't find a replacement part since most manufacturers churn out new models so quickly. The people with the older ones get left behind if something breaks. This piece is exactly what i needed. Great idea to save a really good product this is a great way to save your Bullet blender. This makes sense because as the product spins. It will not unscrew. When you are removing the original one remember to turn it in the opposite direction.

You have to turn it to the right to get it to others. Lefty Loosey righty tighty does not apply here. Product worked like a champ with no issues I used the replacement part as soon as i got it in the mail. Product worked like a champ with no issues. I work my bullet really hard with such tasks as grinding coffee beans, pureeing beans to paste for making delicacies, and for making various fruit with ice drinks.

Plastic appears to be more durable than the ones that originally came with the bullet mixer. This is not a bad deal when you consider that you now have spares for the part that would normally break with wear and tear.

This part is also hard to find in any regular store or elsewhere online. Worth the Money to Extend the Life of Your Magic Bullet A lot of other people have written about how to install these, so I won't bother repeating that information, other than the fact that these are reverse threaded, so 'Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty' doesn't work. You have to go the other way. I will also echo that it's unfortunate that you need these, but they work like a charm! I wish I had known that the gears were going to eventually fail, because I wouldn't have torn up the two extras on my blade attachments I had in my original kit.

Once that clear, plastic gear on the base unit starts to fail, it's just GOING to chew up the rubber gears on the bottom of the blade attachments. I didn't notice the clear, plastic gear was torn up on the base, so I switched rubber gears on the blade attachments. Like new again These replace the gears worked perfectly, and the magic bullet is working again!

There are two tricks to replacing these parts - and there are several videos on YouTube that show you how to do it. The first trick, after you unplug the motor unit, is that there's a small hole on the underside of the motor unit. You stick a small flat head screw driver under there and find the slot.

Then you take a rag and use it to grab the blade to unscrew it. It took me no more than 5 minutes to disassemble and reassemble.

They Screw on Backwards from what you think. I thought I was in big trouble when I stripped out the machine. Then I found these, great price and now I have spares. If you are having a hard time getting the old ones off, turn it the other way!

In this case it's Righty Loosey, Lefty Tighty! To remove the one from the base, insert a straight blade screwdriver into the slot on the bottom of the unit to hold the motor in place while you turn the clear piece CLOCKWISE to loosen.

You have to replace both gears for best results. The rubber these Blade Gears are made of is much softer than the original part. The original lasted me several years, but these replacements only lasted a few days. I think my original assessment was a too harsh. I originally replaced the rubber gear on the blade but did NOT replace the hard plastic gear in the mixer. I discovered after I burned up a couple rubber gears that the hard plastic gear was also worn, although the wear was very hard to see.

When I replaced the hard plastic gear, the rubber gear then lasted much longer. So the moral of the story is to replace both gears at the same time for best performance.

Buy this Oster product instead of fake knock-offs I originally purchased a bogus replacement jar for my Oster blender. It did not sit all the way down so you need to hold the jar with one hand to prevent tipping. Later, I bought this Oster jar and Oster blade kit I ended up with two lids, but not complaining. The large clover-leaf design is easy to clean and the lid fits well like its supposed to. Good design and brand-name quality It's nice to see that Oster hasn't forgotten about its decades of blender-making and still designs its newest versions to be compatible with the older ones.

I recently bought a small new Oster blender that came with this round-cornered squat 5-cup glass jar design. Now I've got two complete 5-cup glass jars with lids through blades and bases, both made of top-quality Oster-labeled parts.

I can use one to blend up a sauce while I use the other for a main dish or dessert, and they all go in the dishwasher afterward. Wide bowl with a floppy lid; watch out for mishaps!

It's a wide blender bowl which works well to add a multitude of ingredients with minimum spilling. Lots of room for your concoction to blend through, whether it's pancake batter, milkshakes, creamy salad dressings or a batch of pesto.

Unfortunately, the lid is soft and floppy, unlike the harder plastic from my older blender top model. This created a mishap where the blender cap actually flipped sideways and fell into the blender while I was processing salad dressing. Luckily, since the dressing was a liquid consistency, I could strain it to catch every last bit of plastic shards. I purchased a new blender cap that is deeper with better side catches to prevent it from falling into the blender again.

Otherwise, a very useful blender top. Mine came with a 48oz container and I wanted to replace it with a full 64oz one. I did reach out to Vitamix to ensure that this was compatible with my base and this was their response If you were looking to purchase a larger container for your machine it would be the Classic 64 ounce container.

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