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I support Manchester United and fetus buy ocd viagra super active washington While Mr Walesa said Poland could bury the hatchet with Germany, the situation was different with Russia, the other great historical foe of the Poles. Ralph Strangis and Darryl Reaugh have signed long-term contract renewals to continue to broadcast Dallas Stars hockey through the season. Hopefully these guys will be taking a lot of notes. If you counted one star a second, 1. Casey Coleman , ASA member who did play-by-play for the Cleveland Browns and covered the city's other sports teams for nearly 30 years, died on November 27, , at home of pancreatic cancer. Way to be bold. Famous Fathers and Sons Documentary short Himself.

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Lead acetate is VERY toxic. Double up on gloves at a minimum and treat the after product as hazmat for disposal. This is absolutely horrible advice to have posted without any safety warnings. This solution turns what is familiar as metallic lead, into Lead Acetate. Exposure to lead acetate can cause neurological and other harmful damage to humans, even in small acute exposures.

The solution should not be put down the drain as this is not a material that most water companies can filter out, and if put into the environment can cause large amounts of damage from even small contamination amounts.

Lead acetate is water soluble! It is highly irresponsible to do this, and should not be done unless wearing full sets of safety gear, with the results taken to a professional lab for disposal! Do not do this at home! Just tried this solution. I have been shooting cast bullets for probably 40 yrs.

This is the easiest, cheapest and fastest solution I have discovered. Mail will not be published required. Subscribe by Email Enter your email address:. Here is the first patch after flushing the barrel with water. AK said on William Bill Jones said on Zeke died October 14, , at the age of He died of a massive heart attack on August 19, An early heart attack, just like his father. Disbelief, then stunned support for his wife Roberta, and daughters Andrea, Mychal, Jamie, and Stephanie.

The online tributes reverberated throughout the southland, particularly in Orange County, where viewers of the defunct Orange County News Channel, students and colleagues at Chapman University, and fellow broadcasters like me at AirWatch had come to know Bruce. We knew him on television and as a news anchor on KFI. More recently, he had helped raise money for military vets and others through charity poker events.

We knew his smile and vivaciousness and his unfailing support for his synagogue. Bruce's Facebook page remains active, updated by family. The tragic announcement just before his birthday last summer included this understatement: He was loved by many and will be missed by all who knew him. Written by Steve Julian. Knox was living in Port Hueneme and died of a heart attack on August 26, Robert Archer was his program director.

In , he left radio to care for his ailing father. Manon is a voiceover artist and owns Manomedia, and produces nationally syndicated radio programs for Strand Media Group. Katie is a mother of three and lives in the Southland. When the PPM measurement service was launched, the non-commercial stations were listed and KPCC has experienced very respectable ratings. The very up-to-the-moment two hour show has four producers who work on the current events magazine-type program every day.

Jackie Oclaray has been with me more than a decade. The producers KPCC hires usually have a track record producing somewhere else, or they've done fill-in in the past. Some have been interns while attending Pasadena City College. Putting together the two hour show is just one part of what Larry and his team have to do on a daily basis.

One person is heavily devoted to that, but all four produce segments for the show. We are constantly brainstorming ideas because we may do six topics in a two-hour show. We often book two or more guests per segment, that's often 12 we have to line up in an average day. The producers also put together all the folders with my study materials for the segments. It's like a daily conveyor belt - coming up with the topics, lining up the guests, debating how we want to come at the subject and how we can advance the story.

It is tremendously challenging preparing for all these topics. How is AirTalk put together every day? We get off the air at noon and then have an editorial meeting about the next day. On the day we had lunch at the Ocean View Restaurant in Montrose, Larry revealed they already had an author booked for the final minute segment the next day.

By later in the afternoon or early tomorrow morning one or all of those may be replaced by other things because when we get in at 8 a. Typically our first half hour is breaking news from the morning and we're booking guests right up until air time. Larry said the show is always in a fluid state. Mantle has a unique relationship with KPCC's news director. Technically he answers to the program director, Craig Curtis , but so much of how the station sounds - being news oriented - falls to Glickman.

He will make suggestions all the time. He comes in every morning with a list of possible stories for us. His job is the totality of what KPCC is doing. He has to make sure what we are doing on AirTalk is fitting into what Patt Morrison is doing in the afternoon with her show and what NPR is doing with its magazine programs.

Paul has the big picture of what we're doing and how it all fits together. Larry praised Glickman for his ability to figure out a way to take national and international stories and to localize them. People tune into a particular station because they know what they are going to get. They're looking for consistency and reliability. We don't want KPCC to sound like different stations throughout the day, but the station does want its hosts to be distinct.

KPCC is constantly trying to meet the expectations of the listener. Larry emphasized that they are mission-driven and that affects everything they do. We have to be grounded in that reality and at the same time operate as a non-profit.

Our reason for existing is to serve the community and to find ways to do that where other broadcasters are not.

This gives us a lot of opportunities. We also have the luxury of significant air time, if we think a topic is worth it, but we don't want to rehash what people have been seeing on cable news. With healthcare on everyone's mind, I wondered how his listeners came down on the subject.

Opinions are all over the place. Some are very disappointed and they wanted a much more robust plan. Others feel that it's over-reaching. I see my job as bringing together all these different points of view so the listener can hear the strongest possible perspectives, then come away with an informed opinion.

Larry addressed the issue of an NPR station being left-leaning or politically liberal in editorials and subject matter. Public radio did begin as community and college broadcasting, with activist and educational roots. I think that established the early-on reputation of public radio as being the bastion of the left. As public radio has grown, and the size of the audience has grown, it's by no means ideologically based.

It is much more diversified. The fact that I'm on opposite Rush Limbaugh does mean that many conservative listeners are going to be listening to him. However, I think it would be a real disservice to say we are going to serve those listeners who don't like Rush Limbaugh. We don't want to limit ourselves in any way.

Larry said he is not an advocate for any political point of view. I come out of radio. I've loved radio since I was a kid going to Hollywood High School.

Mantle originally wanted to be a minister. In all of his environments he has loved taking both sides of a subject. He was active in school debates. Our program is a place for exploring ideas from all perspectives, so that our listeners get exposed to the strongest arguments from all points of view. Larry's pd, Craig Curtis said: That, and the fact that he occasionally bribes me for extra vacation time with Cuban cigars. I get to talk with literally the most interesting people in the world.

Jeff is a partner in EditPros, a marketing and communications firm in Davis, California. David has been practicing law for 18 years and since has served as a California workers' compensation judge. Carolyn is affiliate relations director at Westwood One. Jan Marie is living in Huntington Beach. Since , Radene has been one of Southern California's airborne traffic reporters.

He's now a security guard and frequent fill-in at KABC. Greg worked afternoon drive at "Mega Larry is part of the Salem cluster in L. Mike left "Mega" about the time the station switched to "Hot He returned in late Mike was the program director.

Mike is still writing "The Rooster" morning prep service. He is also consulting a couple of stations in Denver and Palm Springs. Mark the Whiffle Boy: Both hosted individual podcasts for a time. Mark now hosts a morning show at KSWD, See Kim Amidon and Mark Wallengren.

She was partnered with Graham Bunn. She anchored the news at KABC until late She is now an adjunct professor at California State University Northridge, teaching a voiceover, radio and tv announcing class.

He died January 4, , at the age of The new year was hardly a few days old when we lost one of the most beloved sports broadcasters we have ever known. He always had a story. He was the kind of guy you wanted to be around. He was never a downer. Tim Mead , vp of communications for the Angels, was on the committee to pick the Angels broadcast team prior to the season.

Reflecting back, I know that the committee made the correct decision in selecting Rory. Not really a joke teller but a guy who always said funny things and put a smile on your face. He was a great partner. God bless you, Rory.

Gary Marshall, Fontaine J. Marsi, and Andrew Mollenbeck. The vaudeville performer and classical radio host has been collecting and restoring vintage theatre drapes for the past 15 years. Merrill is writer living in Southern California.

Rich is active in boxing announcing. He was part of the KFI morning show for many years and retired in Al studied at Long Beach City College majoring in nutrition studies. KFWB, and Sue worked at the Whittier Daily News until early Doc now stars in the stage play, Queen of Outer Space.

Roger produces "HomeWord with Jim Burns," a half-hour daily radio program airing nationally in 50 markets daily and over on weekends. KFWB , and She originally wanted to go into tv production, "but I got caught up in radio and it never let me go. Her journey as a KFWB anchor began in Earthquakes and riots, mudslides and celebrity murder trials, and wildfires — and the good times too.

On behalf of everyone in the newsroom, thank you L. Chuck runs a film consulting business. She began her career in news broadcasting at KFWB, first as a news writer and then on-air. By the time she left in she was the news director and lone reporter.

When the station added phony teletype sounds to her newscasts, she left for KXL-Portland. She told the LA Times: It's a wonderful, horrible place and it was home for six years. She's now a contributor at NPR operationl in Vermont. Gary steps down as head of production at "K-Earth" in early March He also hosted Encounters for Fox. John is "smelling the roses," dabbling on the Internet and flying his old biplane.

Lee was a booming news voice in Southern California for decades. But that was just one of his many talents — he hosted sports talk, was a featured voice in professional wrestling, ran news bureaus, and hosted morning drive.

And maybe, the voice of Tony the Tiger from the Frosted Flakes commercials sounded familiar — indeed, that too was Lee Marshall. Lee died on April 26, , of esophageal cancer. He has been honored with Golden Mikes and an Emmy. Lee joined KABC in as news director and stayed for more than a decade. In the early s he was syndicating a Notre Dame football pre-game radio show and a syndicated sports-entertainment program called "SportsAmerica.

He went on to be executive vp of news and sports programming for Shadow Broadcast Services. Lee has always been active in broadcasting high-profile traditional sports. In he started providing play-by-play commentary for professional wrestling.

For over a year Lee was been splitting his week between L. He became a character himself, as Marshall was known as "Stagger Lee. In recent years he was teaching voiceover classes at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. She was syndicated until the fall of In October , she joined Internet platform Progressive Voices.

Steve is writing for tv and film. He has written a joke book called, LOL: The Humor of the Internet. He's living in Albuquerque. Marsi , Fontaine J.: Fontaine worked for Metro Traffic in Las Vegas. Mando, Mike Mann, and Brad Messer. His son is in the band Lit. Brian worked as part of the KFI news team until late He now lives in Albuquerque.

George passed away September 15, He was one of the early pioneers of modern broadcast journalism, and died of complications arising from a stroke and kidney failure. He was born on May 2, , in Pasadena. One of his later colleagues, George Putnam, said of Martin that "he was one of the real legends of television news reporting George Martin laid the very foundation for tv reporting in this community Los Angeles. There's not a job or assignment he couldn't do.

And we have hallways of trophies here at KNX with his name on them that show that he didn't do just a competent job, but an exceptional one. Martin served in the U. Navy during World War II. Jim passed away in of cancer at the age of In , radio rebel Jimmy Rabbit mixed Rock and "progressive" country, a sound that became known as "Outlaw Country. Ron left the Storer facility when it was sold in and started a syndicated radio show company called Weedeck.

He hosted a daily feature called "Country Report. Ron served a few terms as president of the Academy of Country Music. He was one of the founding members of the Academy and was instrumental in getting the Awards show televised.

Ron had a heart attack and died playing golf, a sport he cherished, in the late s. In the summer of , she returned for afternoons. He not only got the job, he later became assistant program director and hosted a tv sci-fi show called Mars Patro l. His autobiography, Winking At Life, is available at Amazon. She up and left a month later. He's now teamed with Alex Cohen. She left "Power " in the spring of He went on to program stations in Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Francisco. She left the AC station in late and returned to the Northeast to be with family.

JL has a mobile dj business in Valencia. Jose Rene Martinez was born on June 14, in Shreveport. At a young age, he moved to Hope, Arkansas, where he and his mother lived until he was They moved to Dalton, Georgia, just prior to his senior year, to the place he now calls his hometown.

After his high school graduation, J. Seeking advice from his football coach about the prospect of joining, he decided to enlist in the United States Army after a visit with an Army recruiter. Martinez was proud to serve in the 2nd Battalion, nd Infantry Regiment of the st Airborne Division. In March of , J. Three other soldiers with J.

Martinez claims that while he was fighting for his life and awaiting medical help in Iraq, his sister Anabel, who passed away when J. After he was pulled out of the Humvee, J. He is called on by a wide-range of groups, including large corporations, veterans groups, non-profits and schools, and has shared the stage with the likes of global self-help guru Tony Robbins and Evangelist Dave Roever. Martinez has been featured in major newspapers and tv programs.

In October , J. Partnered with Karina Smirnoff, they became the early favorites en route to the Mirrorball Trophy, beating out Rob Kardashian. In early , he joined weekends at KFI and left before the year was out.

He starred in the tv drama, SAF3! Patty owns her own advertising agency in Orange County. He's a regional Italian food expert. Monique hosted a weekend show at KFI until the summer of After 14 years as Dick Whittinghill's engineer, Bob worked as a production engineer on game shows and soap operas. He's retired and living in the Santa Clarita Valley. Cancer had taken over his body. One of the best loved executives in LA Radio history, Gordon wrote his own obituary: I was deposited on Planet Earth a little over eighty years ago.

March 26, and have enjoyed most of my years here thoroughly. I was blessed with Dorothy, a remarkable mother who gave me her love and wisdom. And the companionship, love and respect of Muriel, an older sister. I volunteered for the U. I married and produced a son, Craig, of whom I could not be prouder. But it took me three times to finally get the marriage right — believe me, it was well worth it!

I had the good fortune to select the kind of job that I loved and got paid well to do — the kind of job where you had to operate under a license that forced you to get involved in the people and community you served and really mean it. I learned how to teach others how to benefit by using the fantastic qualities of radio. Where else could you find such fabulous opportunities.

I never felt so good about a job. Half-way through my term, the Coca Cola Bottling Co. The Coke people were remarkable and I remember them fondly today. I was fortunate enough to be given a number of opportunities by serving with community groups. I chose an opportunity to help rebuild the Advertising Club of Los Angeles as President in and found it greatly rewarding. Ad Club members into an effective campaign-producing ad agency for Epilepsy treatment.

Yes, this member group of L. Good things happened in that organization. A lot of its members formed friendships for life. This remarkable organization raised money from contributions and spent it to address the misfortunes of local ad people suffering catastrophic illness.

If the hospitalized A. And, nobody made a dime. I was involved in a small way but make no claim on starting the A. Their integrity, enthusiasm, humor, sincerity made my job a pleasure. And yet, at the first sign of a Southland fire, an earthquake rumbling in a distant volcano, or a tragic South American passenger plane crash, the very same people and their successors put together collection centers for disaster victims and use the airwaves to raise millions of dollars for the victims.

Lastly, there was something awesome in presiding over weddings for my friends. I loved it so much I did it forty-three times. I felt the same way about teaching radio management all those extension semesters at UCLA. I met so many warm, bright, responsive people so eager to learn. No funeral services or celebrations, please. Thanks for your patience in reading this.

And to so very many of you — thanks for such a wonderful time! Jerry retired in and is living on Camano Island in the state of Washington. The former wife of James Mason died June 29, , at the age of Scott was the operations director at KROQ and responsible for 45 stations managing their capital requests and dealing with engineering issues.

This veteran broadcaster and executive, died April 19, , at the age of 55 from complications with his kidney. Friends and colleagues of Mason recall a passionate, detail-oriented person.

We have lost a cherished friend and co-worker. Mason had engineering and broadcasting in his blood from a young age. He broke into the business as a phone op when he was just 14 and got his first FCC broadcast license a year later. Through it all, Mason had the rare technical expertise to be an engineer wherever he worked and he also spent two years as a special equipment installer at GTE.

Mason told us that his most memorable on-air moment was when the Northridge earthquake shook Southern California in January KROQ will owe Scott a great debt of gratitude for a long time to come for how much of his life he shared with us. Not only was his work ethic unshakable — if it needed to be done, he got it done — but he maintained a constant optimism and good humor throughout. Most people had no idea of the struggles he was going through. Mason was born in New York.

He grew up in Southern California and attended L. Valley College and Cal State Northridge. Gretchen co-hosts a weekend talk show on HotTalkLA. Gretchen was the co-host of House Calls: Born in London to a Jewish family of diamond cutters on April 2, , Roy Reuben Obermeister started his radio show in He is a prolific author and creator of a mindfulness meditation exercise used in the U. Masters is founder of the Oregon-based non-profit organization, the Foundation of Human Understanding.

In his early twenties, he travelled the world lecturing as an expert diamond cutter. After seeing a vaudeville stage hypnosis presentation where the hypnotist easily induced volunteer subjects to do strange and outlandish things, he wondered: In the s, excitement around Bridey Murphy's supposed past life regression drove friends to consult with Masters about hypnosis.

Masters understood hypnosis to be a "duplication of life's errors" and concluded that no good can come from hypnotherapy. He founded the Institute of Hypnosis where, unbeknownst to his clients, he "unhypnotized" them instead of hypnotizing them, according to Wikipedia. In Houston, Masters saw as many as thirty people a day for consultation. At years-old in , Masters was charged with practicing medicine without a license, a precedent case for the legality of non-medical practice of hypnosis.

He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, which received notoriety from his counseling of fellow inmates. His radio show is still heard in syndication. She had been suffering from the effects of Hepatitis C which she contracted as a child.

She then took five years off from radio to pursue rock-related posts in various media, only to return to radio in Southern California. Hal was general manager at KRLA in the mids and one colleague said, "Hal was jovial and had a good sense of humor.

He broke his hip shortly before his death. Hal died May 1, , from complications of lung cancer. George is with AirWatch Traffic. Paula is living in Albuquerque. He continues to be active in Oregon politics. Tom passed away of pancreatitis in early Deedee died September 20, , of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

From early , she's was the web producer at KFWB. She now works at Gracianna Winery in Healdsburg as the hospitality manager. She then moved to Los Angeles and was the executive producer, writer and VJ for the first made for mobile rock video channel.

She moved from evenings to middays in early fall of at the Classic Rock station. She's back doing nights. On July 5, , Don died at his Malibu home of complications of polio and paralysis. Don owned Signal Core Studios.

He died of cancer on April 30, Mayberry , Carleton "Corky": Corky is living in the San Fernando Valley. Bill is executive director at Country Radio Broadcasters. He announced his retirement from CRB, effective spring of His resume also includes work in artist development, management and at record labels, where he was Sr.

Mayne also serves as current President of the Academy of Country Music. Danny does voiceover work and lives in Sherman Oaks. He's now at KWVE. Don was a teacher at Los Angeles City College.

Mitzi worked with her husband Charlie Brill on Silk Stalkings. Gary is now in San Diego. Dave is the announcer for all NHRA racing events and their commercials. Dave has stood out from the herd all these years in a world of blinding speed and spectacular automobiles, hot rods, cruisers and dragsters.

Holly was the Orange County Register 's family films reviewer. Matt was the original radio voice of the Mighty Ducks hockey team for three years.

He's now with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Larry made the most successful transition from radio to television news of any disc jockey who passed through the radio landscape.

He hosted a weekend talk show on KLAC for a year. Larry's on-air presence at KTLA on health and consumer affairs segments as well as the station's weekend newscasts has contributed to its success. In the spring of , Larry was the recipient of the Governor's Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, saluting his career achievement in Los Angeles television.

Hugh died in the mids. He won 2 Golden Mikes and several AP awards. In the s he made a significant change in careers. He became interested in religious science in the late s. By , he was given the pastorship at a Sherman Oaks congregation and went on to be a pastor for the Santa Clarita Church of Religious Science. Ron was born January 29, He died of pancreatic cancer on December 10, , at the age of Ronny is in the recording business in Los Angeles.

Sid was the announcer on Soul Train. Don lives in Portland and syndicates "Radio Deluxe," a show prep service. Tom was general manager during block programming days. Ann co-owned KACE She died February 16, , at the age of She bought the Inglewood station in with her then-husband, former professional football player Willie Davis.

Earl, a pioneer in the early days of Los Angeles rock 'n roll radio, died March 26, , at the age of His daughter sent the following written by her father: I typed this earlier so that all Kathy, my daughter, had to do was type in the date and hit the "send" button. Isn't modern technology marvelous? I am an agnostic. I will be taken to the Neptune Society for cremation. I've told my heirs that I don't care where they let the ashes fly.

When it is over, it is over. So thanx to each of you for sharing a part of your life with me. It has been beautiful, and thank you, thank you, thank you for the times we shared. All of you have contributed in various levels to my happiness, laughter, and sometimes some very stupid things.

I have been contemplating all the good times, and the good times were fantabulous. If I've borrowed something I haven't returned or money I haven't repaid, contact my daughter, Kathy.

Don't sing me any sad songs. If I were to have an epitaph, it would be, "Earl McDaniel.. Earl was the first to pair Robert W. Earl was credited with breaking the song nationally. Earl produced and presented live stage shows with the major rock stars of the era. Earl broke the Chipmunks Christmas Song and lost his job over it.

On Thanksgiving weekend he played it twice an hour and the station owner threatened to fire Earl if he played it one more time.

Earl did and was fired, however, by Monday it was the hottest record at Wallichs Music City. Earl spent two decades working for Senator Cecil Heftel in Hawaii, as pd, then gm. When he ran KGMB, the population of Hawaii was about ,, yet the million-dollar contest drew over 4 million entries.

Earl lived by the credo: It's the future that counts. Joe cast a big shadow over the sports broadcaster landscape in Southern California for almost four decades.

He died on March 13, , at the age of He blanketed virtually every outlet that aired sports reports or programming. Joe was born to be a talk show host. Just ask his mother Josie.

At KGIL, he started as an intern at 19 in the news department, quickly moving up to the position of assistant sports director. A few months later, he began hosting sports talk shows. In his January article about the best of the year, Daily News columnist Tom Hoffarth again named Joe the number one sports-talk radio host. Joe suffered a huge weight problem since high school. After being unable to get up from a fall at his home until paramedics arrived, Joe decided it was time to do something radical.

He underwent gastric-bypass surgery, losing over pounds. LA Lakers present Jeanie Buss said: Over all these years, our players, coaches and staff have enjoyed working with and knowing Joe. He will be sorely missed. He would go through periods of disappointment when he was unemployed. KMPC, and Leo runs a PR and political consultancy firm in Sacramento. Douglas was Dick Whittington's resident critic, Cincinnati Armory.

Douglas is writing a book, a tongue-in-cheek ersatz celebrity autobiography, as well as writing humorous articles, and acting. George lost his Denver job in the summer of Dick lives in the Southland doing voiceovers, composing and appearing with his jazz group. Richard had not lost his New England accent which was evident as he talked about his retirement from a long career in the radio business, back when he was interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People.

He lived a handful of miles from the beach in Vista in a house overlooking the third fairway at the Shadow Ridge Country Club. Richard retired in Tim is the younger brother of Terry. He also worked in the promotion department at KMET. Patrick went on to state politics and acted as press director for various issues and candidates. He ended his radio career in Sacramento. He died March 9, , at the age of A winner of two L. Emmys, eight Golden Mikes and four L.

Press Club Awards and with more than 35 years in radio and tv broadcasting, Judd is best known as a consumer advocate. At 17 he produced and hosted a live television show called Dance Party at the Jefferson City, Missouri tv station and in was the first tv producer to fight for African American teenagers to dance on a so-called white tv show and win.

But for some members of the community that was too much integration and with influence from the Ku Klux Klan, Judd was forced to have one show with black dancers and one show with white dancers. After earning his Bachelors in Journalism, he headed for Central America to be a freelance news reporter. When there was a riot or a small war, Judd would cover it and then find customers in the U.

While working for UPI, Judd was arrested in Venezuela for taking pictures of the secret police beating demonstrators at the trial of dictator Peres Jimenez. Judd was out of Venezuela the next morning and has not been back since. The obituary that appeared in the LA Times stated: Red died of cancer on January 11, , at the age of Linda died February 27, McI ntosh , Richard: He passed away January 9, JJ is currently doing mornings on Larry did swing at "K-Earth" for many years.

He's been on Oldies Channel at Westwood One since Tom is a writer and lives in Maine. Verna was co-host of the Young and Verna morning show at Dial Global. Over the years he was a dj, nd and pd. During that time, I became affiliated with a county Sheriff's Department and went to work full time in law enforcement. Most of my time is spent doing consulting or working on my book - a fictional novel about a Hollywood dj who decides to become a Deputy Sheriff in a rural Northern California County.

Sort of a novel plot line, huh? By his sophomore year in high school he returned home to Lynwood where he broadcast the high school football games. In the network operation moved to the Washington, DC area.

Two years later Gary expanded his horizons and, preparing for the inevitable closing of the network news operation started Ask The Expert Media. The company produces radio and Internet programming and operates an ad agency which specializes in radio and Internet banner advertising.

Gary lives in Pinehurst, North Carolina with his wife Sandy and children with fur coats their four cats. On New Year's Eve at six p. Arriving at KWST with no cart machines nor the right music, in less than a week the station was launched with Jim as pd and morning man. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, he grew up in Detroit.

In the s, he and John Detz formed Visionary Radio and owned a series of small market radio stations. He married the ex-wife of Steve Dahl in the s. As for living in the Northwest, Jim commented, "I have no intention of ever living anywhere else.

While attending Yale University, Kevin worked at the campus station as md and dj. RadioWorks studio in Santa Monica. In late , he was elected mayor of Santa Monica. He is in his fifth term on the City Council.

His signature was a garage full of recorded interviews that he ran, simulating a broadcast from a night club, the " Club" KLAC's dial position. He had every major star on disc, talking about his or her career. An alcohol-related incident on the roof of a Hollywood Boulevard building led to his rapid decline. He died in at age He died September 14, For the past 10 years he has traveled over 11, miles in his motor home, and been to Europe and Hawaii.

Reid is a part-time airport limo driver for executive firms in Orange County. The paper said although KRLA was a rock and roll station, "the station covers the news like no other. Kennedy was assassinated, we were the only station in Los Angeles to offer hour news coverage until after the funeral. I had every stringer and available newsman working around the clock. We had built a bank of actualities that back-to-back ran 7 straight hours.

KRLA was the last station to revert to regular programming. Bill was born in California and raised in Alhambra and worked for Armed Forces radio from to After KNX, Bill got out of radio. Bill returned to the Southland to run a similar agency in Orange County and is active in commercial voiceovers.

Shaune was music director for all the major contemporary stations over a two-decade period. Shaune is working on various projects to preserve the memory of her late husband, The Real Don Steele. Tara worked morning drive with Paul Freeman at "Lite She is cultivating young entertainment journalists with the Web site KidsPickFlicks.

He also voices network tv promos, theatrical trailers and both tv and radio commercials nationally. Jeff is fronting a Classic Rock band, Mrs. When he left KYNO, he left radio. Lon works early afternoon at KJLH.

Lon did overnights, served as production and imaging director, and later moved up to morning drive where he and Russ Parr worked together. In , Lon moved on to Stevie Wonder's KJLH and for the next 30 years has been a main fixture, doing mornings, middays, afternoon and evening drive.

In , Lon was promoted to operations manager while still maintaining a 1 p. Earl is retired and living in San Diego. John was a popular all-night dj at KMPC. He eventually went into politics serving on the city council of Downey. He found enough first-year ABA owners for 11 teams and immediately promoted the new pro sports entry as "The Lively League. Mike is head of programming for Cumulus Media. Michael was part of Angels baseball corporate sales. He retired in Since leaving the public affairs show, "The Turning Point," she has returned to publishing her magazine of the same name.

Medina , Enrique Gonzalez: Enrique is a composer and is writing an opera. He lives in Sierra Madre. Joe died June 17, Oz briefly worked evenings at KACD. Brooks hosted a popular sports Web site, SportsByBrooks. Melendez , "Slim" Jim: Jim does fill-in at KOLA. Kiki hosted Kiki Desde Hollywood on Galavision.

In the fall of she is scheduled to host a one-hour daily syndicated talk show. John passed away July 30, , in a swimming pool incident at his home in Honolulu. I got to go to Eniwetok. Oh, do I miss it. We've been visiting via phone and email regularly ever since. Paul does not know when Mellen moved to Hawaii, but probably in the late 70s.

He also had a display stand at the U. Bowfin Museum selling patches, pins and other patriotic items. John lived alone, apparently lost his balance and fell into his pool, where he was found by a neighbor. Last heard, Brad returned to his home state, Texas. Jeff has an active voiceover career. He's based in Lantana, Florida. He was the business reporter at KFWB.

Michelle left "Power " in the spring of Born on June 10, , in Bloomington, Wisconsin, he grew up in nearby Fennimore. Jim was the class president at the University of Iowa.

He worked with some of the giants in L. Bob is living in a nursing home in Glendale. Adrienne did a series of ads for the Republican party and senate race in Missouri. Ed was a news anchor at KFWB. He left KNX in late He graduated from USC. Brad is living in San Antonio after 47 years on the air. Sheena is the host of an afternoon drive talk show at LATalkRadio.

Dave is a free-lance voiceover talent living in Santa Barbara. For a time, Jack was program director of the Talk station. In the early s Jack was involved in a serious automobile accident.

Some time after the accident he died suddenly. Joel became the LA Lakers tv announcer after two seasons doing the radio broadcasts. He left the Lakers broadcast team following the season. Tina hosted a public affairs show at John was the apd at AMP Radio. He left the Entercom CBS cluster after 16 years in early summer of In , he was inducted into the television Hall of Fame. Billy worked in production at KPLS. Dave Michaels, veteran in the 70s and 80s, died April 20, , after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Under his meticulous guidance and leadership, the format evolved into Classic Hits and continued to grow in popularity. His charming wit and presence will be tremendously missed both in our hallways and on the air. David is with Cox radio in Louisville. Ford Mullins has been in the Coachella Valley for close to three decades. Jay broadcasted news on KABC. Lee is the network pd of Syndication One. Pat was a veteran of a half dozen Southland stations. Pat was wounded in combat before his 17th birthday.

While hospitalized in Australia he studied journalism and when discharged, Pat became a newswriter at KNX. At age 18 he was assigned as the youngest civilian war correspondent of WW2.

He covered action until he was wounded again at Iwo Jima.

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