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This eliminates the common camming action on both top and bottom string tracks, creating a balanced and synchronized system with straight and level nock travel for superior accuracy. With a few exceptions, the farther a planet or belt is from the Sun, the larger the distance between its orbit and the orbit of the next nearer object to the Sun. Vance voice, as Stacey Keach. With a proprietary combination of seven layers of fabric and insulation carefully positioned to maximize warmth, this thing is an oven. For comparison, the radius of the Sun is 0.


Everything you need to know about the vagus nerve

Posted Jul 17, , 1: Be sure to take a look at the grant funding opportunities on pages Posted Dec 28, , 9: This initiative will impact every service provider who is reimbursed for Posted Oct 1, , 6: For questions pertaining to these documents, please contact Cliff Weldon Posted May 2, , 8: Iowa Economic Development Authority.

So as recruiters become increasingly dependent on software and algorithms in the hiring process, how can we be sure that we are using these new tools wisely, and in a way that leads to a positive experience for candidates? We'll explore the importance of 3 key processes in the employee journey and how to leverage automation in these processes.

Imagine a better world where every organization focuses on bringing out the best in humans. Rouslana Bassina - Community Manager, Officevibe. These lucky finalists will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges and investors. The 8 finalists for the Tech Den Competition: But is it really just hype?

According to Harvard Business Review, the blockchain has the potential to create new foundations for our economic and social systems. The future impact will be enormous! Kickstart your second day of the HR Tech Summit with an opening keynote session packed full of advice and real-world examples on strategic workforce panning by Ross Sparkman of Facebook.

How do you analyze future hiring demand? How do you assess what skills will be required in the future? How do you identify the business drivers that impact workforce demand? Ross has the answer to these big HR questions and more. Whether you're a start-up, small business or a large corporation, Ross will show you how to align people strategy with company strategy to ensure your organization maintains its competitive advantage.

Join Stacy as she shares her best-kept secrets about sourcing and recruiting and how to use tech to provide a better experience for both the hiring manager and the candidate. Employees believe that new technologies and innovations would benefit their ability to perform their job if introduced by their employers. As an HR professional, are you harnessing the full potential of technology and driving innovation within your organization?

Predicting the future of work continues to be top of mind for most if not all organizations. The world is transforming quickly and if your organization falls behind, you risk losing it all, including your most important asset, your people.

Join Holger Kormann, President of ADP Canada as he pulls back the curtain on the fancy buzz words, shiny new technology and big data metrics to reveal how you can build an actionable plan with your team that's built to support the entire workforce. Enforcing a safety program on paper generates an excessive amount of work that usually ends up getting appointed to administrators due to low bandwidth within the safety group.

Removing the burden of paperwork collection and compliance introduces operational efficiencies at every level of an organization including effective enforcement of safety throughout the organization.

Sit in with Ryan as he explains how he has managed to save companies thousands of dollars in insurance costs, audit preparation, compliance reporting, and project performance through enforcing a companies safety program on a software platform.

Hear how creating accountability throughout a companies workforce can help improve overall communications and enable operational excellence at every level. For large organizations in particular, hackathons can be adapted to greatly accelerate the process of digital transformation.

More and more large businesses are employing the same start-up principles to break through organizational inertia and instill more innovation-driven cultures putting their employees at the centre of their organizations and giving them a start-up experience. In this session, Aurélie Wen of Agorize will teach you everything you need to know about hackathons, how to build one and how HR can utilize this powerful innovation tool to solve all kinds of business and people-related challenges.

Diversity and inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today - from the talent pipeline to products and services. Unbiasify is a free, open-source Google Chrome extension that removes a candidate's profile photo and name on social networks with the end goal of eliminating any unconscious bias that can potentially tarnish the recruitment process such as bias towards or against specific age, race, gender, or appearance.

However, despite solving a number of common recruiting challenges, Unbiasify also created a set of whole other issues. And, Martin Hauck is here to tell us all about it! Martin Hauck - Head of Talent, Coinsquare. The technology and tools that we use to automate and amplify our HR and Talent processes is constantly evolving.

Through Continuous Delivery, large enterprises can become as lean and innovative as startups and employees can benefit from clear expectations.

Yet many organizations and team members question whether Continuous Delivery is synonymous with overwork. With major skill shortages and a rapidly evolving workforce, organizations are using new and emerging technologies to increase productivity and accelerate their capacity to find top talent. But what does this mean? Is technology inevitably bound to replace us? Join Marc-Étienne Julien, CEO of Randstad Canada, as he talks about the challenging, yet incredibly rewarding task of striking the perfect balance between HR tech and a human-based experience.

The workforce expects a seamless and positive employee experience from their employer. From the processes they use every day, to the tools that teach them, to the culture businesses create to help them thrive. They expect a Total Workforce Experience. This involves much more than just talent processes and HR shared services, it also includes interactions with enterprise applications across the entire value chain. More than ever, employers are aligned in recognizing the critical importance of the end-to-end candidate experience.

How to attract passive talent and drove inbound hiring strategy for your business. Companies who want to lead a digital transformation need strong leadership, agility, and a forward-looking vision. Putting digital first and understanding the role digital plays in your business is key to becoming a successful leader regardless of what area of business you are in. We often think about digital transformation as something tackled by IT, Marketing and C-suite.

However, HR can be and should be a key enabler of digital transformation. So how do HR and business leaders utilise this critical people function for this purpose? This session has the answers. System is sold and shipped empty. Cylinder must be filled before use. Prestacycle warrants the Prestacycle Nitrogen inflation system to be free of defective material or workmanship for one year, and under the conditions stated herein. This warranty will not apply to wear and tear from repeated use or transportation.

This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of product found to be defective. Prestacycle assumes no liability for loss due to failure of any product to perform satisfactorily.

Prestacycle makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, except that of title. Any and all other warranties are expressly disclaimed. This warranty applies under conditions of intended use and is exclusive of equipment subjected to: Failure to follow recommended service procedures, Excessive duty cycle, exposure to the elements, shipping damage and modification not authorized by Prestacycle. No warranty claims will be honored without prior authorization for repair from Prestacycle.

Any replaced or repaired equipment will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty term only. Your email address will not be published. Join our email list! Get the free tire pressure app! Purchase our products at your local bike shop. Find A Bike Shop. In Stock - Buy it Now! How do I get Nitrogen? Cylinder refills If you get our cylinders, you will want to do refills. Cylinder swaps Some larger gas supply companies may only offer to give you pre-filled cylinders.

Prestacycle designs products from the start with real-world experience. Heavy-duty carry handle on larger cylinders protects valve from damage. Lightweight Alloy Regulator spins-on by hand, No need to carry a big wrench. Nylon coil hose is compact and easy to carry. Rated for psi continuous use.

Coil hose is narrow, reducing the amount of gas lost when disconnecting the system. Regulator stores inside the Coil hose for protected travel. Nitrogen is completely inert. It is completely non-flamable. Air can fan a fire, but Nitrogen would actually help put-out a fire. It will not damage rubber or other components. For cars, the cost of the Nitrogen is times lower than what the Auto Shops charge. The savings just in wear and tear can more than pay for Nitrogen.

Where can I get a refill? Any welding supplier can refill your tank for a low cost. Some may fill it on-the spot, others might expect to drop if off and be able to pick it up the next day. Pre-filled cylinder swaps are also available.

Check here for your local filling or swap-out location: Filled tanks should be secured during transport.

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